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    An Ethical Look at Harm Reduction and Electronic Cigarettes

    harmful effects of electronic cigarettes

    creditcard An Ethical Look at Harm Reduction and Electronic Cigarettes

    25 comments to An Ethical Look at Harm Reduction and Electronic Cigarettes

    • Ravenghunter

      Thank you :)

    • Gee Are

      Many thanks to you Father for sharing this with us…Your information sheds
      light in order for us vapers understand ourselves also. My heartfelt
      gratitude to you.

    • Austin Lintelman

      Your voice is very relaxing and I love my ecig :) no more cigarettes

    • Bradley Comer

      This is in no way to offend, but I never thought I would sit through a
      video, watching a father speak about vaping. I am so glad I did
      though…Very informative and VERY well done…Thank you so much for your
      time and video…Keep on VAPING if it works for you I know it is working
      for me…80 days smoke free!

    • cindy pennypacker

      Great video Father Jack. Thanks to vaping I have been able to quit a 37
      year, 2 pad smoking habit and am on the road to improving my health.

    • kevbow

      Great video Father Jack. Very interesting and informative.

    • jtdlauro81

      Your vids are amazing and you have the knowledge to back up what you say. I
      think you are a great asset to vapers everywhere. thank you and happy early

    • absurdbastard

      Beautiful, well considered stuff. No yelling or madly gesticulating, but
      compelling and heartfelt. Thank you. I am subscribed and anticipating your
      further and wise words.

    • Kenji Hernández

      I will love to have an Closed Captions version to share it with my friend!

    • Kenji Hernández

      Great video Father Jack


      Thank you Father Jack for speaking out on electronic cigarettes! CAADE
      shared this video with our Twitter followers and Facebook friends to spread
      the word. Keep the videos coming!

    • DocLori2000

      As an ex smoker and a college professor who teaches addiction treatment, I
      want to take a moment to thank Father Jack for his willingness to take a
      stand on ecigs. He has done his research and knows whereof he speaks. Once
      again the ANTZ have got it wrong. God save us from the do gooders who want
      to control our behaviors through prohibition. Ecigs work and so far all of
      the evidence coming in supports their efficacy and safety. Let’s help the
      ANTZ get it right for once.

    • Sam Munro

      shared it with ECCA UK too :)

    • enclavecheaters

      Thank you for sharing this, Father Jack. More people need to be informed
      about ecigs before uninformed groups try to take them away from those who
      use them as a smoking cessation device.


      937 views! Way to go Jack!

    • Turkalj

      Awesome video, thank you. E-cigarettes are the only way I’ve been able to
      quit smoking cigarettes for long periods of time before relapse. I enjoyed
      listening to you break this down to ethical components. The Nanny State
      needs to go away.

    • dreekwarp

      Things that are “Approved” by our government can be dangerous to human
      health. It is wise to regard all man-made resources and tools as just that!
      An electronic cigarette should not be something that a non-smoker picks up
      as it is harmful to your health in a way. I was raised protestant and I am
      confused by this video. I have never seen a catholic priest smoke before
      but I will not pass judgement on this video as we all have sinned, I’m not
      religious but this vid takes a VERY practical approach!

    • Lagrangeify

      Great video and should be posted on every community website for vaping
      newbies to see, it’ll reinforce the positive decision they made. Sadly some
      of those groups that show antipathy for harm reduction alternatives are
      probably doing so out of at least some degree of self interest.It doesn’t
      make a whole lot of sense when viewed from distance, just like the
      justification for war as a means of achieving peace. Games are played and
      unfortunately the pieces on the board are people’s lives.

    • dereck72

      Thank you for the great video Father Jack. I’ll be sure to pass on a link
      to folks who are interested in switching to vaping.

    • acidsunstudio

      Thank you Father Jack for making several wonderful videos, that are
      informative and down to earth. Electronic cigarettes are the only thing
      that has allowed me to not smoke or even want to smoke while I have them,
      and I have tried every other type of smoking cessation aid without any
      success. I look forward to following your channel.

    • Karen C

      Thank you!! I spoke to the Boston and Saugus Massachusetts Public Health
      boards about their intent to ban electronic cigarettes, and both places
      implemented bans wherever smoking is banned. One man actually told me that
      nicotine made people do things they wouldn’t normally do. When public
      health DIRECTORS have no clue about what they are fighting, they don’t let
      little things like truth get in their way. Science is proving that vaping
      is safe, I only wish the truth mattered to these zealots.

    • Elaine Keller

      Dear Father Jack: Many thanks for making this video. The Consumer Advocates
      for Smoke-free Alternatives Association (CASAA) was founded by several
      thousand former smokers who used e-cigarettes and/or other smoke-free
      alternatives to escape from inhaling smoke. We will be posting your video
      on our web site ( BTW, the credit for inventing the term “ANTZ”
      goes to CASAA’s vice-president, Kristin Noll-Marsh. I’m smoke-free since
      3/27/2009 thanks to e-cigarettes. Elaine Keller, President

    • falsepod

      fantastic video. thanks friar jack :D I switched to using electronic
      cigarettes last october and I’ve not even been slightly interested in going
      back since then, like at all. during the time between stopping smoking and
      waiting for my ecig to come through the post was one of the hardest things
      I’ve ever done though, I felt like I was going mad. I think I would still
      be smoking if I hadn’t discovered ecigs.

    • dreekwarp

      This is a very REALISTIC approach to curing the addiction of tobacco
      cigarettes! I personally know 4 people who have quit smoking INCLUDING
      MYSELF!!!! I recommended this to my father after using it for half a year!
      I can breathe better and I felt better IMMEDIATELY because I didnt smell
      like smoke and my girlfriend asked why I tasted so good! :) e-cig is the
      way to go .. Vapor break dot com is a site I found after making my initial
      purchase and I have not used them but the prices are UNBEATABLE

    • Erik Pendleton

      Sorry I ordered that Raspberry Mojito. Bleh!