An Introduction to Electronic Cigarettes for Beginners

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  • MumblingMickey

    One comment below “What company is she talking about that make a lot of the
    0% nicotine e juices so I can still enjoy vaping without the harm to my
    health”…. think about that for a minute… heres somebody that smoked and
    all that time was totally unaware that nicotine was not the dangerous part
    (in fact its likely the least toxic part) of smoking….

    Thats what we get for repeatedly telling folks that nicotine is dangerous.
    Almost 50% of smokers believe that nicotine is carcenogenic…becasue they
    were told it was by assorted adverts against cigarettes…I have no idea
    why another chemical from cigarettes wasn’t chosen as the bad guy… there
    are lots to shoose from in a tobacco cigarette, chromium, arcenic,
    formaldhyde, carbon monoxide etc… all deadly chemicals…

    yet for some reason nicotine which has a low toxicity and you’d need to
    ingest about 60mg of raw nicotine in one go for it to be lethal gets a bad
    rap…. to put that incontext the letal dose of caffeine is about 100mg…
    and to get to that level you’d need to drink about 100 cups in 24
    hours….with vaping its actually not possible to overdose as the unit
    couldn’t deliver the nicotine faster tehn the body exchausts its saturation

    Yet slly sentences like that remain becasue people have been misinformed.

  • Cheryl Clark

    how many cigarettes you used to smoke a day should really determine what
    type of battery you start with. I was a heavy smoker so those cheap look a
    likes didn’t work for me. I started with a variable voltage ego battery & a
    vivi nova bdc tank. After a 40+ year habit, I haven’t touched tobacco in 7
    months. do your research!

  • Icedragoni

    the 14th one was a “Uhh” not and “Umm”

  • ecigadvanced

    Thank you!

  • Odddish

    That counter made the “uhmms” much more distracting than if you just hadn’t
    pointed them out in the first place.

  • Jonathan Zheng


  • garrett littrell

  • Austin Lintelman

    Someone respond so I smoke cigs and I’d rather not because I’m 15 and my
    friend is gonna sell me an ego if I want it should i buy it

  • TheStarfkr

    I love it when a smoker converts to vaping. However, I cringe when I hear a
    non-smoker taking up vaping. I mean, it’s one thing if you are doing 0%
    nicitine but if you are doing the normal nicotine version then it’s
    upsetting to hear.


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    rechargeable e-cigarettes and hookah

  • Mark Florio

    The funny thing is I work on the railroad and we breathe in diesel smoke
    all day everyday and the guys who complain about the vapor. They don’t care
    about the diesel smoke or the cigarette smoke but argue with me about the

  • Candi McCann

    This reminds me of the “but uhm” drinking game on How I Met Your Mother.
    This video addresses a need. I have seen way too many instances of, a first
    time poster to a forum getting insulted and pressured into spending all
    kinds of money.

  • ecigstoquit

    no problem, I really support electronic cigarettes so anyone who is out
    there educating people about them gets my full support

  • Itsme Gunnrun

    What company is she talking about that make a lot of the 0% nicotine e
    juices so I can still enjoy vaping without the harm to my health

  • ecigstoquit

    very useful video

  • Tim Marx

    Good job, and the bloopers at the end…Nice touch. Thanks.

  • Delron Williams

    I’m new to vapin community myself!!!I’ve been a smoker for 17 years, and
    vapin now is the best life changer for me, and I’m glad I made the right
    decision!!! Very good video, and I also subscribe to ur community

  • tonedeafvapes

    thank you i don’t feel so bad about saying uhm so much in my videos lol

  • ecigadvanced

    I never miss normal cigs. That’s for sure.

  • Abby Olmstead

    Thanks everyone! I’m just passionate about getting people off analogs! I
    don’t want the new guys to be overwhelmed or intimidated either. Not
    everyone can have a mentor with them so they turn to the Internet. I’m
    hoping ecigadvanced can be a place where they can be comfortable to ask
    questions and get encouragement as they go! I hope if you have someone on
    the fence about switching, my video might give them that push they need. :-)

  • ecigadvanced

    She was a little nervous, but a valid point.

  • Bobby Diamond

    Might start on these things. Getting sick of normal cigs now, getting out
    of breath everytime i walk up the stairs and everything, these seem a
    healthier alternative.

  • Jason Boyse

    Great Video!!!

  • Wendy Monson

    There were gratuitous uhms in there, the counter exaggerates. Great video :)

  • Mark Florio

    I’m 27 years old and I’ve been smoking since I was 15 ( a pack and a half a
    day). I’ve been using the e go c twist 1100 and a smok 900 for 3 months
    now. The oil I use is from ultimate vapor which the Jack and coke Is my
    favorite. I do occasionally have a real cig from time to time but I can
    actually breathe again and I feel great everyday. Best invention ever