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    DIY E-Cig Juice. Make your own home made E-Juice and save!

    e cig juice

    creditcard DIY E Cig Juice. Make your own home made E Juice and save!

    14 comments to DIY E-Cig Juice. Make your own home made E-Juice and save!

    • Nibbly Nobbler

      Really? 76 drops? lol why not just figure out how much that is and make it
      a bit easier?

    • Artur Pitanga

      Can we use food essences? It’s safe for flavor?

    • jo3jo3221

      sir you named three cities that are right next to me in one city that im
      in, do you live in Colorado also….I live in Colorado Springs

    • Steven Lopez

      in my area it is about 22 bucks a bottle

    • Tim Ritchie

      why the drop method, why not ml’s ?

    • Julian john

      ohhh the sweetner sounds good! i got a coffee flavor one as i do like
      coffee but it tastes harsh thanks for letting me know about that :) do they
      ship to uk?

    • Dawn Monceaux

      Hey dude, can you help me with something? I have 1.2% (-) -Nicotine
      Solution 12 mg/ml and also VG and PG with several flavor concentrates. I’m
      confused at how I start to use the “ejuice me up” app. I keep putting it
      in and it’s telling me that I can’t have a negative VG/PG ratio… ?????
      I want a 50/50 mix or maybe a 70/30 mix but this is my first time mixing
      and I am on a 12mg nic now that’s a little strong sometimes so I want to
      keep it close to that. Can you help me, please? Thanks!

    • Drew Cole

      Could u add Food Coloring just for looks???

    • Brandon Cruciani

      Youre a pussy if you cant handle 100 vg 

    • Breaktru Software

      Thanks for sharing Jim

    • Shoeb hashmi

      can we use food essences ? for this

    • bite my vape

      also try wizard labs, they have EVERYTHING!!!

    • Ethan Williams

      You hit that hard lol thanks for the imfo i lookin in on it now i havnt
      touched a cigg in two weeks cause of vapor 

    • cocacola31173

      I like to have the same PG and VG and nic mix all the time so what I do is
      make a 200 ml bottle of 3 mg nic base cutting it down from 36 mg nic. Makes
      it a lot lot easier and all I have to do is add my flavoring and fill the
      bottle the rest of the way.