Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos at ESC2012 – The Effects of Electronic Cigarettes on Myocardial Function


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37 comments to Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos at ESC2012 – The Effects of Electronic Cigarettes on Myocardial Function

  • eCigarette Consumer Reviews

    The BIGGEST study EVER conducted on ecigarettes by the medical community.
    Serious people who want to make a change should watch this vid. It’s jammed
    packed with info about ecigarettes and how it affects cardiovascular health
    and MUCH MORE!

    Dr. Konstantinos Farsalinos at ESC2012 – The Effects of Electronic
    Cigarettes on Myocardial Function

  • soundbeans

    Why does it sound like he’s in a pub?

  • jijijijiBoom

    Hoping that some (forgive me for this) ignorant health professionals in ph
    should be aware of this vid so they could learn a lil more. Not just by
    editing and not reading someone else’s research carefully and sending
    through media and brainwash other peoples g*dforsaken brains with false

  • Jay Skeetor

    The people in the study should have baseline evaluations of the type above.
    Then follow up at say 3,6,9, and 12 months. These people should be smokers
    of cigs for 10-15 years, say, and watched for cardiac / hemodynamic
    improvements. Compare these to people who smoke for 10-15 years and do not
    stop smoking duing the study. Couple this with people who quit cold turkey.
    I suppose this would more of a prospective study. The retrospective study
    would compare cold turkey to e-cigs.

  • South East Vapers

    haha yep someone fell alseep near camera ,,

  • Hobby331 Vaptor

    How do you guys make those awesome intros?

  • Jay Skeetor

    So. As a recent (6 month) convert I find this study encouraging. Risk
    reduction. Risk reduction. This, for sure, was a groundbreaking study. The
    first of its kind. What we need is a retrospective study. If 2.5 million
    people in the US use e-cigs, the population is there. We need people who
    are wanting to quit smoking with e-cigs to be studied.

  • msbrendadotcom

    Can you hear someone snoring at 16:40?

  • Mags Icasiano

    Vape on!

  • jtdlauro81

    Thanks for this posting. its a great relief to know we now have concrete
    proof that from a heart standpoint e cigs are much safer then analogs. More
    maybe they’ll get the support from the national organizations!! Vape on
    vape strong!

  • Eatnbullets

    Out standing. I just wish he covered the o2 saturation of the blood.

  • Ton y

    My doctor recommended me to switch from smoking cigarette to eCig simply
    because other than nicotine, my lungs aren’t exposed to tar and tons of
    chemicals. There is no proof saying eCig is safe. Even though PG/VG USP are
    food grade, it’s for the digestive system, not respiratory, and there is an
    inherent risk inhaling it. But it isn’t anymore risky than cigarette.
    Nonetheless, aside from the cigarette risks, eCig is a considerably cheaper

  • UnderManlac

    A small percentage of developing cardio-vascular disease from smoking real
    cigarettes? That small percentage is actually very high (reference to be
    researched) in developing cardio-vascular disease. There are 19 known
    carcinogens in cigarettes. No ingredients contained in an e-cig are linked
    to cancer or cardio-vascular disease. If you hear someone say there is an
    ingredient in the eliquid that is in anti-freeze, they are right. It’s
    called propylene glycol, or fog juice for fog machines.

  • kathryn0200

    @Btriex I love you.

  • moctezuma112

    @UnderManlac Its like your telling me Marijuana should be illegal because
    its smells bad? you clearly have nothing to back your argument. then tell
    me who has died from Marijuana. Perhaps this FBI agent can tell you
    watch?v=SY0TQ1uOn3k “Marijuana doesn’t not cure cancer”??? u have to do
    more research. watch?v=9cUC8tjoB_0 watch?v=pnP8IugJCHM

  • TheDanzilla7

    @moctezuma112 you can still get colds in Summer! It’s just most people tend
    to get them in Winter..sounds like you had a cheap brand or were sensitive
    to a particular ingredient. I’m not sure where you are based but In the US
    I heard Blue or Greencig are good reputable brands and in the UK there is
    Skycig or ROK. Try those.

  • Donald Boyd

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  • Drthomasful

    Well, actually you’re right, though he told us that’s OT “a bit”

  • proSpiritofTruth

    @crazynascarfan addendum to post above, another typing error, ‘Slenda’ is
    of course the well known but dangerous ‘Splenda’.

  • Jonzen77

    ye i think i will save mad bucks on switching to e-sigs even if i have to
    import it weekly from england(the juise). In my country its a wopping 92 %
    tax on sigarettes. one pack of tobacco(50grams) costs 38$ when the dollar
    is strong and more when its not. and 20pack siggarettes costs 17ish$. So
    welcome to Norway where you pay for all the decieses you and your family
    can get from smoking those 20sigs.

  • TankzOnline

    Errr the video is stating that NO side effects have yet been found. Watch a
    damn video before commenting you fool.

  • proSpiritofTruth

    @crazzynascarfan continuing.Nexus did a ten year study of how many people
    in the US die annually just from medical misadventure (keeping in mind that
    this is only figures for deaths not injuries etc..) and the figure over ten
    years was 7,000,000 or 750,000,000 per year.A figure much higher than
    casualties forUSA armed forces in WWII but to be fair, remember there
    probably was only aout one 1% the number of soldiers invovled copared with
    nearly hafl a billion people in theUSA 24/7 being “TREATED”

  • Bighairyass1

    I smoked cigs for 20 years, I bought an E-cig about a month ago and haven’t
    smoked a fag since. I can actually taste and smell properly for the 1st
    time in 20 years. There are about 400 chemicals in a cig but once you spark
    up the combustion creates around 4000 (40 carcinogenic). I’m not spending
    thousands every year, just £6 on a 30ml bottle of e-liquid a month. If you
    smoke and haven’t tried an E-cig just buy a cheap 1 and give it a whirl.

  • ShogaNinja

    @drusbasement People are SAVING mad money on e-cigs. No one has ever died
    using an e-cigarette. Can you say that for smoking cigarettes? There are
    4000+ chemicals in a cigarette. 50 of them are carcinogens. The liquid in
    an ecig is made up of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin. These food
    products are safe to eat. PG is found in fog machines and exposure to it
    has been deemed safe for 70 years. VG is a natural skin softener and has
    also been found safe.You have been eating both for years

  • FuckOFF!!!

    look i can quote from many resources on the net as well as medical reports
    of the last 5 years…but you would only argue with me…and i dont have
    the time…nor do i see the point.

  • moctezuma112

    @UnderManlac “In a great enough quantity (used as much as cigarettes) it
    can be lethal” i have to break it to you but u have to get your facts str8.
    it was actually tested in 1974 with monkeys by the government. however, the
    monkeys were dying due no of oxygen. no oxygen = dead brain cells. ah you
    but your a dumbass who lacks research. right let me help you:

  • moctezuma112

    @TheDanzilla7 i thought it was that but it was summer. it happened 3 times
    right after puffing it and noticed that ecig was the problem.

  • ice0wn4g

    now they need to do something the same for dip/spit tobacco

  • proSpiritofTruth

    Propylen glycol is a form of anti freeze and paralyses the liver from
    protecting us against one of th emost common forms of cancer, that of
    mutliplication and mutation of human cells in the vicinity of the
    facialopsis buscii intestinal flukes which most people today are infested
    with. What kind of irresponsible and ignorant people would put antifreeze
    in something someone is about to inhale in good faith that they are going
    from something worse to something better.

  • gehax

    dear sir if you think that real cigarettes are less harmfull than
    e-cig(produce water vapour as result of exhaling ) try than smoke 5 pack of
    newports arrow that would be 60mg nicotine ,am sure i can vapourize 5
    cartrige of eliqudVG less than 12mg nicotine ) ps let me now when you do
    that ;o you cant you will be dead.

  • a1rh3add

    @proSpiritofTruth wrong glycol

  • TheDanzilla7

    @moctezuma112 if you had a sore throat and sore lungs then maybe you had a

  • ConquerChrome

    It has a very slight increased risk of cardiovascular disease. This is
    known to be a side effect from long term usage of nicotine. Other than
    that, no other effects have been found. Watch the video properly before
    commenting in future and you will not make yourself look like a complete
    moron like you just did.

  • TankzOnline

    I agree, once you’re used to e-cigs you can’t go back. I love mine, and I’m
    experimenting with new flavors, mixing different flavors etc.. it’s much
    more interesting than smoking is.

  • cabrioleur

    “They” are still conducting testings on aspirin. It doesn’t change the fact
    that you lied.

  • Gzus Criest

    and u start talkin like max headroom a bit lol