E-cig nicotine poisoning on the rise

e cig with nicotine

creditcard E cig nicotine poisoning on the rise

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  • I Make U Pee

    That’s why you get fucking juice that has no nicotine. The first time I
    tried it I had Diarrhea for the first week but It went away. 

  • colt kwilkerson

    the lady stated even touching the juice, can irritate the skin. wow this
    stuff must be bad. oh wait i think that is the same as bleach right. yea so
    don’t let your kids drink or touch bleach either. Oh, and when you cut your
    grass please what your kids don’t let the drink or touch the gas. when your
    using air freshener watch where you set the can, DO NOT let your kids
    spray it in there face or sniff it. oh yea and when your kids brush there
    teeth do not use tooth paste with fluoride in it. Fluoride is bad for them,
    oh wait so does tap water. wow there are so many things to watch for it’s a
    wonder my kids made this far. Media controlled by government and

  • The Bumbling Idiot

    well of parents watched there kids more and put things out of reach this
    would not happen watch your kids better 

  • Vappy Dan

    As per usual the press invents a demon. What is the total number of child
    poisoning every year? What percentage of that number is E Liquid? Come on
    parents step up to the plate and protect your children from all household

  • germanicdogman

    you wouldn’t leave a lighter where a kid could get,same with e-juice .
    don’t blame a inanimate object,stupid parents are at fault !

  • Skibble5150

    The absurdity of American media, an example in its finest state.

    Run for the hills people! Little Timmy drank a bottle of e-juice!

  • Kevin During

    Any bottle of e juice I’ve bought has a clear warning on the bottle usually
    along the lines of “Warning, this product contains nicotine, please keep
    away from children”. Antifreeze is sweet and I have heard of children
    ingesting it along with allot of pets but who’s to blame here, the parents
    are! I have also seen first hand a child getting into a parents cigarettes
    and eating them, the point is, if you have children you have a
    responsibility to keep an eye on them so put down the “smart” phone long
    enough to be aware of what your children are doing and be a good parent.
    I’ve also spilled e juice on my hands many times with no ill effects, I
    know a child’s skin is much more sensitive but my point is that they make e
    juice sound as dangerous as weapons grade plutonium which is kind of dumb.

  • Graham Arthur

    I was going to write something sensible in response to this but it’s like
    arguing with a politician that’s being paid-off… Impossible! All you can do
    is vote them out or turn the channel over and never ever watch that junk
    ever again. If I was in a restaurant and I was served that crud I’d throw
    the dam table over.

  • Brad Silverdog

    Vaping has saved my life. I was a 40 year 1-1/2 packs a day smoker. Since
    vaping…have not touched a cig. and feel like a million dollars. Just
    don’t be stupid if you have kids and pets….put the stuff away.