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    E-Cig Reviews: Where to get the best Electronic Cigarette Reviews?

    electronic cigarette website

    creditcard E Cig Reviews: Where to get the best Electronic Cigarette Reviews?

    15 comments to E-Cig Reviews: Where to get the best Electronic Cigarette Reviews?

    • David Webb

      I enjoy your reviews – honest, not too long and no pretentious crap!

    • jeramie Cary

      If I were to run water to clean the cartomizers, would it mess it up?

    • krystalmeihls

      What e cig is that in your hand?

    • IndoorSmokers

      Thnx a lot man. I hope you registered for the forum, that will really allow
      everyone to help each other and give honest opinions and advice. We’d love
      to have your input over there:)

    • Danette2007

      It will be a great place for support….looking forward to it. You’re the
      only one I’ve found that will answer back whether I have a question or
      comment. That says a lot and makes you trustworthy in my book.

    • jeramie Cary

      Thanks!! :)

    • stevemal2001

      I just checked it out and tried to register but it is disabled. But I will
      keep checking back and register up when you are ready. Thanks for the great

    • Sayve Wuner

      Ecigs for life! lol

    • IndoorSmokers

      I don’t think so, but I have never bothered to clean one. I have rinsed out
      liquimax blanks from v2 to clean them, but the atomizer is a little more
      protected. If you try it let me know how it works, but I think it will be

    • jackfetch13

      I’m glad you’ve started the site. I have been to over 30 “review” sites
      that didn’t really review them as much as they tried to sell them and
      promote certain brands.

    • Lene Marie Thorsen

      I’ll definitely check out the new site, and I’ve ordered my V2 starter kit
      after watching your recommendations. Unfortunately you can not get hold of
      the liquimax tips from the UK site so I’ll have to ally myself with a US
      friend and hope they can send me some :D lol Keep up the good work =)

    • ashley rivas

      That’s great!!

    • ka55birds

      Not sure why I never saw this video before! Vaping is awesome! Thanks again
      for all you do for us!

    • gonzovaporpell

      Gotta say fam, its been my pleasure to view your vids!!! A Provari/Mini
      preferred user myself, and coming from a small town w/ hardly ANY if at all
      vapers, having this to chill and talk like ECF and what you’re talking
      about is the shit! Can’t believe I’ve missed this vid lol, but much love
      fam an

    • Jessica Stewart

      I subbed to you back when I was first exploring ecigs, found your V2 review
      and I ordered that. I have done SO much research on ecigs and have quickly
      moved to the Ego-C Twist to dabble in VV. My husband still loves his V2s
      and I ordered him the V2 clearomizers, which he loves, based on your videos
      about them. Thanks for your great info (your awesome personality helps
      too!). Can’t wait for the website and forum!