Electronic Cigarette Review Foos E-Vapor The best electronic cigarette

Electronic Cigarette Review Foos E-Vapor The best electronic cigarette

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The Ultimate Electronic Cigarette Ecig





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  • Foos E-Vapor

    Thanks Boss… It’s customers like you who keep us motivated in this competitive market.. I love hearing that Blu is inferior to our products… Only because they are owned by big tobacco… The same people that´╗┐ kill 1/2 of a million of their customers a year….. And who lobbied against electronic cigarettes up until they decided to join in… ­čśë
    Thanks Again

  • Matt Graham

    I just got my package yesterday from foos although I ordered a black e vapor starter kit and was given a white one Billy hand wrote me a message saying he was sorry that he was currently out of stock of the black combination I had ordered so he sent me a white one so I could get to vaping, and I appreciate that. I’ve been smoking e cigs for 4´╗┐ years from greensmoke, blue, and vaporking. Foos beats them all in price and the batteries last a great deal longer then my blu e cigs.

  • Foos E-Vapor

    New product is available. Best 25 bucks you’ll ever spend… Blows any E-Cig out of the´╗┐ water! see upcoming video’s about it. thanks

  • Bgsouthalabama23

    Okay cool def´╗┐ will! Thanks for the heads up.

  • Foos E-Vapor

    hold off for a few days before you buy then checkout our´╗┐ shopping cart ­čśë I have something brand new coming out that I HIGHLY recommend….

  • Bgsouthalabama23

    Okay so got it in the mail, and I love it’s awesome, the menthol was def my favorite, but strawberry and vanilla were great also lol, the my´╗┐ only complaint has nothing to do with the product, it’s just I ordered black and got a white starter kit, but no worries, it’s still awesome, ill just order another one and then I’ll have both lol, thanks for an awesome product man, keep pumping out new flavors, none of the others have the variety that you’ve got, so that’s def what’s gonna keep you on top.

  • Foos E-Vapor

    Also we have a 24hr customer service´╗┐ line @ (877) 781-5467

  • Bgsouthalabama23

    Awesome, thanks so much man, I’ll def be buying every month from here on out, also thanks for responding so quickly, that´╗┐ really surprised me, have a good day man!

  • Foos E-Vapor

    look´╗┐ for it today brother.

  • Bgsouthalabama23

    My name´╗┐ is Barrett Galloway

  • Foos E-Vapor

    Whats your name? We ship free and use 1-3 days. Business days of course. I will check on your order.´╗┐

  • Bgsouthalabama23

    Oh and can you tell me where your product ships from, I just ordered some, about 3 days´╗┐ ago, this will be the 3rd day of shipping, and I’m really hoping to get it in today lol

  • Bgsouthalabama23

    Also´╗┐ I love that song, Skrillex rocks!

  • Bgsouthalabama23

    Your´╗┐ so chill and normal, it’s nice to see a president of a company that doesn’t seem full of shit!! lol

  • netoptex

    Hahahaha.. wowwww..´╗┐ ­čśÇ Nice.

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    I love you for posting this video! ´╗┐

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    i love you channel ´╗┐

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    I think subscribing´╗┐ to you is the decision Ive made in years

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    i have to subscribe i wanna see more like this ´╗┐

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    i´╗┐ love it

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    This was really very nice video thanks´╗┐ for sharing

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    Can you teach´╗┐ me?

  • DazZFlame

    I laughed, I cried,´╗┐ I pissed in my pants. An instant classic

  • Foos E-Vapor

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