Electronic Cigarettes E-Liquid – The Elephant in the Room

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  • Steve James

    Your video is nice and it raises very fundamental points on ejuice quality.
    For the four years I have vaped, I have not used Chinese ejuice because I
    doubt their quality. I get mine from a US vendor Ejuice-Box.com and its
    priced higher than the Chinese brands, the quality is top-notch. Since I am
    not prepared to compromise on the safety of my health, I would rather pay
    more and get the quality I want.


    Great Video & Show tonight Dave (jimbouk1977)

  • midnightmosesuk

    Very valid points. I trend to operate on trust really and I have sometimes
    wondered about whether Chinese suppliers are really trust worthy. China has
    a bit of a reputation when it comes to cutting corners to increase profit
    margins in other areas (remember the baby milk?) But having said that, I
    have a very tight budget when out comes to my vaping and I just have to
    gamble that all is okay, otherwise I couldn’t vapour at all. Cheaper
    British juices needed?

  • Killjoy

    I get my supplies at American eLiquid.my stuff arrived in only 3 days:)

  • h8u4ever

    They are also a supplier for a lot of e-liquid-sites both in Europe and the
    US. I must point out that they make your e-liquid when you place an order,
    I think that’s why they are so slow. It took them 6 days to ship my order,
    thank god I chose TNT Express as shipping method, or else I would have
    probably have to wait another 6-7 days. But I order from them mostly
    because their e-liquid is pretty cheap and their 12ml-bottles of flavour
    last forever, lol. I only need about 2 or 3 drops for 10ml.

  • Gav Welsh

    Excellent video

  • Josh Stevens

    Have you tried pure VG juices? It almost completely removes the throat hit
    (besides what you get from the nicotine) in most case. I switched to full
    VG juices after finding myself not needing the throat hit like I did while
    smoking. It may be worth a shot!

  • David McGirr

    Just a heads up; this has been posted to the electronic_cigarette subreddit.

  • The Happy Vaper

    Many thanks Jimbo.

  • TheAegisClaw

    Good points Dave. The industry needs to be very careful with this.

  • The Happy Vaper

    Thanks :)

  • The Happy Vaper

    Why thank you :)

  • markyd43vaper

    Great summation of where we are with ecigs currently Dave. Posted on Planet
    of the Vapes

  • The Happy Vaper

    Many thanks David :)

  • VivaVaping

    Good points and worth considering – tho i’ve gone back to mixing my own.
    Aside from Ritchy’s juices (via ego2.pl) the only Juice vendors i’ve used
    recently are Vapour World in the UK and Mom and Pop’s in the US – Tami does
    all the mixing herself and is OCD about hygiene :D

  • The Happy Vaper

    Good stuff!

  • TheScratchingKiwi

    The price people in the UK pay for juice is incredibly high compared to the
    lowest prices across the ‘pond’. I don’t know how juice sellers in the UK
    can justify it. If I was in the UK, I’d buy from somewhere cheaper right
    now. If production standards are brought in for UK juice, the price
    inflation will be enormous pushing sales offshore. Lab equipment is not
    cheap. I’m probably not the first to have thoughts that if regulation comes
    in, I’d buy from ‘elsewhere’.

  • Steven Bath

    Good Video Dave i have sent a link to goritchy and they have sent me all
    the information i need.

  • captainsibtv

    Nice one Dave, very valid points and I will now be thinking more about the


    Not so sure about that I look at juice from all over the only place the
    only place where it is considerably lower is wholesale from Honk Kong /
    China in the US the prices are roughly the same for 30ml.

  • The Happy Vaper

    I agree and buy quite a bit of juice from F’Art UK :)

  • Gumby Dammit

    I make my own, so yes. I do know exactly what goes in my juice.

  • h8u4ever

    I buy directly from FlavourArt. They sell both e-liquid and flavours. They
    originally sold flavour-concentrates to factories. They still do, and not
    all of their flavours are suitable for vaping, but they are clearly
    pointing that out in the description of the produvt. Some examples are
    butter, cream and peanut. All the information you will need for their
    e-liquid is available on their online-shop. The only downside is that their
    processing time is slow.

  • alwayson09

    I originally stopped smoking analogs because my throat hurt SO bad, and it
    was a constant pain too. After switching I still had the throat pain,
    something in the e-liquid I think. I found that vaping from a clearomizer
    helped immensely, also found I can only vape one brand of e-liquid as all
    other brands hurt my throat. No pain anymore!

  • Gregg Montgomery

    Good, clear and very right headed point of view