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25 comments to FOX News Electronic Cigarette Report – Best E-Cig Reviews

  • VikingLady219

    Almost a month ago, I switched to the e-cig (Vapor Couture) and like maybe
    once a day, I will smoke either part of a real one or 1 whole cig. I’m
    getting to the point where I am getting off the regular ones because I like
    the electronic cigs better. I also ordered the Safe Cig (those are on sale)
    to try out because VC can get spendy. So I am basically trying to find the
    best and cheapest e-cig and kick traditional cigs for good.

  • somfplease

    they didnt ban ecigs in australia only the sale of nicotine

  • Bill Proctor

    Yea it’s changing the country more and more people making the switch not
    just coz healthier but because everyone is saving so much money and so many
    more benefits I go to ehealthcigarette.o rg vapour is thick great value for

  • monkey298

    My Girlfriend has an Oral Fixation ;) Giggity

  • ready1aim2misfire3

    scam- avoid this-go to a reputable dealer for reasonable prices and products

  • XXMacVXX

    What a bunch of idiots. First off you can get them for as low as 25.00
    maybe even lower. if your paying over $70 for an ecig , your being suckered.

  • mquiroz90

    @andresayz4545 E cigs are better

  • TheBusinessisgood

    @XXMacVXX lol you must have bought the 3 piece models with the sh1tty attys.

  • antsandlions

    wow… fox news actually said something… dare i say it… SMART lol

  • TriplePhat

    Excuse my language but fuck the FDA and big tobacco companies. Cigarettes r
    the #1 leading killer of Americans! I use to b a heavy smoker and e cigs
    saved my life. I would substitute the ingredients in an e cig over the 2500
    plus chemicals and real smoke in an actual cigarette. E cigs r going to
    take over. Again fuck the damn FDA. Good point on the oxycontins too. Those
    dumb mudafuckas!!!!!

  • jigs dublin

    I smoked 1 pack a day for 18 years, tried to quit many times with different
    methods, bought an ego T starter pack then upgraded to a full mech. My
    mouth feels/smells great, my sense of smell is better, I sleep better, I am
    no longer out of breath when biking, food tastes better, I feel great!

  • skinnyt72

    i just orderd…im gonna vap…better than what im doin now

  • TheBusinessisgood

    @koberask are you kidding me? rush limbaugh smokes e-cigs and he endorses

  • Pamela Eggleston

    yeah that figures the FDA is full of bull crap you can get them with zero
    nicotine as well i’m not a smoker but i’m turning to to e cigs to help deal
    with stress and anxiety i have asma and so its a much safer route than real

  • jerramy

    Cost between 75 & 150 dollars? In Europe I bought a NoBacco brand pack for
    30 euro. The bottles of ejuice are 10 euro. The cartomizers can be boiled
    and washed of juice residue every so often and reused multiple times. I am
    saving literally over a thousand euro per year. I have stopped coughing. I
    can run up the stairs. I don’t stink. My kids don’t complain any more. My
    teeth are whiter. I cannot stress enough the importance of this product for
    people who just cannot quit the nicotine addition.

  • pocketsssJuri

    hahah drinking alcohol and breathing in car exhaust is bad too should we
    ban drinking and cars? idiots

  • SuperMuddBugg

    Save 10% on Bloog MAXX Fusion CODE – ECIGSOLUTIONSTEN

  • Mitchell Kerns

    @DJSexLeopard I can understand your being skeptical but all u.s. suppliers
    (of real ejuice not the crappy big companies that only sell prefilled
    disposable cartos) give a full ingredients list. 1. propylene glycol, 2.
    vegetable glycerine 3. nicotine 4. flavoring. the only thing to me that is
    kind of suspect is the flavorings because a lot of flavorings haven’t been
    tested as safe for consumption in vapor form.

  • OneNewAtheist

    “Free e-cig trial offer (dot) com” is a phishing scam, and they stick you
    with a charge of over a hundred bucks after you order. They get your bank
    info from the shipping charge when you order their ripoff product. Also,
    they keep posting fake comments on these videos about electronic cigarettes
    and thumbing up their own comments to make their scam seem legitimate.
    Don’t be conned!

  • SaturnFX

    The marlboro man disapproves of the electronic cigarette. heh I hear the
    FDA is considering a ban on water. Hard to regulate how much water is in
    water..unlike coke which has it marked on the bottle. Drink coke, smoke
    cigarettes, keep paying..

  • JeL RoDz


  • bulbinking

    I use V4L e-cigs. They have a custom e-cig flavor called “smilin menthol”
    its menthol flavor with hints of spearmint and coffee undertones that hit
    the back of your tongue and throat. I believe hey sell the flavor as a
    regular e-liquid to fill other e-cig brands. You should check it out!

  • SolariEcho

    The blu carts definitely don’t last long… it’s a shame they don’t sell a
    refillable cartridges along with the juice on their site, I would happily
    keep using the blu brand

  • ganzthemanz

    @MrUtubewatcher420 Fuck you. Cancer’s worse than a heart attack in my

  • OneNewAtheist

    Free e-cig trial offers are not free. They get your bank debit or credit
    card info for the shipping charge, then slam you with a withdrawal from
    your bank account a couple weeks later. These cheaply made, overpriced
    e-cig kits actually cost well over a hundred bucks. Check out the forums to
    get the facts for free first from experienced users. e-cigarette forum is a
    good source of information. Click on chat and ask the people there. The
    “free” offer jerks post fake comments on videos, too.