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    How to get rid of cigarette smoke smell…Part 1

    do electronic cigarettes smell

    creditcard How to get rid of cigarette smoke smell...Part 1

    do electronic cigarettes smell

    creditcard How to get rid of cigarette smoke smell...Part 1

    30 comments to How to get rid of cigarette smoke smell…Part 1

    • Tangil Jenning

      It’s been 7 month now. My guess is, you’ve replaced one smell with many
      others OR cig-smoke problem is completely resolved due to O2 (oxygen) and
      lots of months. But seriously, to cut down on this natural diffusion time;
      Use O3 (OZONE) blast. But remove delicate unsealed electronics, for their
      safety (depending on concentration of O3 (ozone) treatment). Or be ready to
      replace them (as part of treatment cost). Not only Cig-Smoke, but any dead
      rodent smells (if an old condo) & mildew, will be crusted over / converted
      to odor-free surface. Contact a Fire-Cleanup company that Really knows
      Ozone. How to tell? If they carry their own O2 tank as their source for
      O3, and have satisfied customers; you will have eliminated hundreds of
      companies with their Hype. What O3 does is Rust everything. The rusting is
      so small, you need microscope to see the rust. Hmm,,,,, insurance may not
      pay for this aggressive approach. They know about it. Ask them.

    • VideoJoeKnows

      Can you get rid of the smell of cigarettes?

    • Andy Ostwalt

      I’m not sure, nut I think the wood in the furniture MAY absorb the smell of
      the smoke. It depends on how long (and potent) everything was exposed to
      the smoke. Hopefully, it won’t be as bad as having everything be exposed
      for years. I had a girlfriend that smoked (I don’t) which made my clothes
      smell like a cigarette factory. A little Febreeze in the wash, and it took
      the smell right out.

    • teranaaa

      paint gos a long way to

    • teranaaa

      A carpet cleaner can do it all with out scraping it all,, those steam
      cleaner goes deep!

    • loxllollxol

      What’s a good cheap e-cig with big clouds?

    • Frankie Cheang

      My new 100% vg with distill water ejuices taste and smell like
      alcohol/chemical, also sting my tongue when I try to vape, now how long
      should i steep it for??

    • triggz00

      Get a kangertech evod non varible voltage with a kanger mini pro tank 2 and
      a park of kanger 2.2 ohm coils.

    • TheStarfkr

      The worst ejuice I ever had was cinnabun. It did not taste like a cinnamon
      roll. There was nothing sweet to it. It tasted like powdered cinnamon, not
      even candy cinnamon. It was disgusting. I let it steep for 2 weeks because
      it was so nasty. Even after steeping it was the nastiest crap I’ve ever
      vaped and had to throw it out. 

    • dmob420

      whats a good steeping time for mt baker vapor 555 juice? I am new to
      this(making the switch from cigs. smoked marlboro red) and got a bottle of
      555 and i am not happy with it. it has a clove/weird taste,maybe chemical
      taste also. Could it be that i didnt steep it? Anybody vape this juice from
      MVB? what is it supposed to taste like? 

    • Adriano Vlad

      Do FlavourArt juices need steeping and/or breathing ?

    • Donna H

      Ive been doung the same except i leave caps off the whole time is this bad
      ! Should i put them back on after a little of letting them breath ,thanks
      for this video :-) 

    • erikdravn

      I have a bottle of juice I won (thankfully) that is about a month old now.
      It still tastes like a chemistry set. :( Everyone else claims it’s an
      awesome juice and that theirs have always been perfectly fine. I just
      don’t know what to do with it. I’d hate to toss it in the trash, it’s a

      I have another small bottle that I bought in a sample pack. It’s like 3
      months old now. Same thing… tastes just like a vat of chemicals. I’ve
      gotten other juices from this vendor and they are all great, with this one
      major exception.

      Makes me almost scared to buy juice. :(

    • triffius1

      When I first heard of steeping I thought it was a bunch of hooey, but I
      went back to a couple of flavors I had stuck away because I thought they
      were crap and lo and behold they tasted better! I’ve been doing it ever
      since and tell all noobies I meet about it. Good vid.

    • Boom M

      Bought an ultrasonic cleaner on amazon and put all my new juice in it,
      cover them with water and run the machine through 3 cycles. I’ve found it
      absolutely mixes the juice. Then I pull the caps off and put in my old
      cigar humidor for a couple hours. Caps back on and shake up. Yummy!
      There are some juices, like Baker White, that seem to get better with age.
      Seems like a little much, but it’s my new hobby so it’s fun. There are
      also some good references in the e-cig forums and YouTube where you can
      find what others are doing and how long they are steeping, resting,
      breathing, streething, shaking,,,,you get my point….all personal
      preference. Vape on!

    • CodecFace

      You’re a light in the dark! Major thanks for mentioning that Halo’s e
      juices are among those that need to be steeped. Their tobacco samples were
      pretty good, so I’m guessing that Halo takes the time to pre-steep their
      samples, understandably. But, when I ordered a 30mL bottle of Tribeca, even
      after letting it sit with the cap off for 3 days at room temp, it tastes
      weird. I’ll try your method!

    • IndoorSmokers

      Breathing and Steeping on the Menu Today!

    • nicon53204

      great review this will help me out a lot when i get my moon moutain vapor e
      juice in. keep up the good work man. im always watching your videos. 

    • Michael Dorety

      Halo is not my cup of tea…I highly recommend….
      Also Space Jam, Cosmic Fog and EPIC Juice lines….I’ve wasted some money
      trying these other companies when I first started vaping but with those 3
      companies most of their juices can be an ADV!! Vape on

    • Saradu Hawklord

      just got a ton of virgin ejuice and didn’t like how they were so starting
      the steeping now,

    • Fuzzy Nerfer

      So, should e-juice be shaken every time you use it, or only during the
      steeping process? Little confusing…

    • TheDavidnator10

      Hey have you tried Zeus e juice.? You can customize you pg/vg 

    • Monoxide2133

      I’ve heard 1-2 hours MAX for breathing if you let it go for any more then
      that you start to evaporate the liquid and it will reduce the nicotine
      level in your juices. Other then that which I do when I first get them is
      leave them sit in a drawer for a week or 2 and shake them like they owe me
      money once a day just to make sure they are well mixed while steeping.

    • junebug9594

      Haha i love this guy

    • A.J. Petrowski

      How about Virgin Vapor’s Absolute line? Do you recommend steeping those as
      well? New to this. Thanks!

    • Miljan Marjanovic

      Tnx man i find your reviews and advices very helpful. I am a beginner in a
      vaping world but man i think i gonna vap for the rest of my life :D. This
      is the first time that i heard of process call “Steeping” and it all make
      sense …really good advice.
      I have one question: where and how do you store your ejuice at home
      because a heard that if the room temp goes over 25*C (78.8*F) some ppl put
      the juice in the fridge. What is your advice? (sry for my eng i hope you
      will understand my question) :)

    • Reighn Dae

      Just got my first bottles from Virgin Vapor to day and one of them is
      peanut butter banana sandwich. You can be sure I’m gonna breath and steep
      that one. I’m still new to this. Should I order e-juice from different
      retailers to try then out or should I sign up for ZampleBox? Vape on! Peace
      and long life.

    • KrazyKali69

      do you guys think steeping will also remove the alcohol from the e-juice? I
      have a bad reaction to some and I thought I was allergic to the PG , turns
      out it’s the alcohol attacking my throat. Any info is appreciated, if this
      steeping process doesn’t work, then I guess I’m done vaping! :(

    • Ryan Beattie

      It scares me when you say other chemicals.

    • Bryan Schmitt

      When my new ejuices come in the mail, I breath them out at my desk at work.
      My co-workers come by and love all the smells :) for the ones with the
      little nipple tips, I just pop them off into the cap and set the cap down
      next to the bottle. It’s funny to see the look on their faces when I have
      20 ejuices lined up on my desk