HOW TO STOP SMOKING NOW! How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes Quickly Today Cold Turkey Quick Easily

good things about smoking cigarettes

creditcard HOW TO STOP SMOKING NOW! How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes Quickly Today Cold Turkey Quick Easily

25 comments to HOW TO STOP SMOKING NOW! How To Quit Smoking Cigarettes Quickly Today Cold Turkey Quick Easily

  • Sarune Rusyte

    Thank you dear mr. Harrie, that was super, I will not smok anymore, I
    promise you and my self, today is the Day, big Day in my life, thank you
    !!! 10.49 am. I’m free now :)

  • Allan Foret

    nate dogg and snoop dog should have listened to this

  • omidi2011

    You moved me man today is the second day I have started my quitting battle
    for the 5th and hopefully final time. 

  • Linda Campbell

    Oh my gosh! I have wished I could stop for decades, but this is the one!
    Brilliant. I will though, have to watch this over and over, my addiction is
    so strong.

  • Ariana Cain

    This is so touching to be completely honest, I am only 16 I’ve been smoking
    since 8th grade and i am now in 11th grade, I need to stop before its too

  • pvs58

    I want to add that those who get up first thing in the morning to smoke,
    are strengthening their habits. Same thing as smoking right before bed.
    Your time asleep is when your body actively starts detoxing from
    nicotine… and often the first smoke of the day feels stronger. 

  • Unkn0wnUser0014

    Check my vid out

  • Dudley Middleton

    I am now on 3 weeks without smoking. The craving went after about 10 days,
    and now the physical habitual side is gone – which is the most difficult
    bit to overcome.
    I remind myself of the financial and health benefits every time I think
    about smoking. I now have this “freedom”, I don’t have to worry about
    running out of tobacco anymore, having to nip to the corner shop etc.
    Fumbling in my pockets for that bloody lighter that keeps disappearing!!
    GONE! My advice is to steer well clear of those nicotine patches and the
    like, that will just prolong the agony. E-cigarettes
    just prolong the habitual side of it. If you want to stop, it’s a big
    internal decision and keep it to yourself, and just stop. One day you’re a
    smoker, the next day you’re not.

  • Scottie Lauer

    Look up Allen Carr. During his clinics he would allow people to smoke as
    much as they want. Then again most people would only need one session.

  • escapeephil

    This video was the catalyst that led to me stopping smoking completely.
    This started effected my ‘what if’ part of the brain, which led after about
    a week to getting a book by Allen Carr (not the comedian) on stopping
    smoking. Its been 1 year completely without ciggs and i used to love them!
    . Im healthy, I feel great. DO IT. Fight the nicotine monster, only takes 3
    weeks until he is dead, then its much easier. Think about how amazing your
    body is. You wouldn’t fill a Ferrari with poison !

  • Mistur Kush

    Omg this is great !

  • Sodgerel Nyamdawaa

    god thank you i feel better and bless you i respect you i am 21 years old
    and well you know young life is naive and confusesing yeah i was young and
    thinks my self smoking is cool and when i smoking heavy i see my self why
    did i get in this shit why cant i just quit and nothing i just smoking and
    i want help then isee your video it gives me courage nad i dont want to
    smoke again i promise you my dear sir thank you again

  • Callum Tindall

    Strong words

  • jay rozay

    I honestly starting crying when i watched this thank you very much for this
    i hope you help someone else quit cause i quit of this moment!

  • daniel mckissick jr

    Im done, crushing my smokes and not letting this nasty addition put me down

  • Dawn Dee

    This actually made me cry, I think I will watch this every time I almost
    give into the cravings.

  • Stevo Glusac

    I also stopped smoking after watching this more than 3 years ago. Had to
    watch it few times but it worked for me :)

  • Lame Vids

    Same here.

  • djdeluxe101

    this is some heavy shit!!

  • Andy Capé

    Lol, i’m watching this with one lighted

  • jazz blues

    one week cold turkey. thanks for the powerful words…..short and sweet!
    straight to reality

  • ohannahdad ohannahdad.

    Quitting comes from an obsessive inner desire to do so. There are pills
    patches hypnosis etc that might help, but without the strength from within
    they probably will fail. I quit yrs ago. My method (after hearing people
    like this encouraging me) was cold turkey!! Every morning after breakfast
    (prime time for my 1st smoke) I looked at an open pack (Marlboro) and said
    out loud “I CHOOSE..NOT TO SMOKE TODAY! I scared my dog;..but I empowered
    myself. About 2-3 wks. and I knew I had won the battle!

  • EMOCiiONAL82

    I actually cried. These words are tons more powerful than anything else I
    have seen. Thank you.

  • CraigzThomas

    It actually works.

  • Tom Carreiro

    thank you so much for this