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    In-Depth White Cloud Cirrus 3X E-Cigarette Review – Unbiased Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews

    electronic cigarettes reviews consumer reports

    creditcard In Depth White Cloud Cirrus 3X E Cigarette Review   Unbiased Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews

    25 comments to In-Depth White Cloud Cirrus 3X E-Cigarette Review – Unbiased Electronic Cigarette Consumer Reviews

    • Odin Valhalla

      very high detailed review! i am smoking connoisseur (working on quiting
      smoking) and im very into e-cigs i was not sure about this brand but this
      might change my mind i think i will try a few flings and if i like it order
      a kit. (i use v2 cigs for now)

    • jamminjoe44

      Just 1 more thing I would like to add here .. My White Cloud Carts, last me
      twice as long as the V2 carts easily .. My favorite cart from White Cloud,
      is Apache!! It`s the closest flavor Iv`e had, that tastes like a
      traditional cigarette IMHO .. I was a smoker for over 30 years, and will
      never look back!!

    • Kathy Sutcliffe

      Yeah i love White Cloud. Been smoking their fling minis for over a year and
      i just decided to order my 3X finally! so happy. WC really is a great
      company. <3

    • jamminjoe44

      Well lets see, where do I begin? lol .. My 1st e-cig was Mistic, it was
      meh. Then I tried Fin, somewhat better, but to weak for me. Then I tried
      V2, loved that at 1st, until they sent out a horrible batch of “Reds”!!
      Then I tried Pure Cig, tasted like dishwashing liquid!! Tried Bull Smoke,
      hated it!! Almost gave up on e-cigs altogether!! My last attempt at
      finding an e-cig that I would like, was White Cloud .. LOVE IT LOVE IT!!!
      LOVE IT!! Now that my needs have finally been met with White Cloud, I`m a
      happy, and satisfied customer!! I have no need to try anything else :D

    • Sour Shin

      So I vape with mods and pv’s now but I don’t want the money on spent on the
      White Cloud to be a total waste…does anyone know if I can get a blank
      kr808d-1 cartridge and use them with the white cloud cirrus3x?

    • MrGraffitiFTW

      if i buy it does i need to rebuy the cartidges incase of running out or
      something???? pls somebody response to me

    • Jason Gardner

      Never…. ever ….. immediately charge ANY device. Run it dead first THEN
      charge it…. you’re shortening the overall life of your batteries

    • E-Cig Consumer Reviews

      We love hearing stuff like this, it helps keep us motivated to do what you
      love that we do! Haha Definitely swing back by and let us know! (video
      responses are welcomed!)

    • bottle2lip

      didn’t a big tobacco company buy white cloud? or was that BLU? I’ll stink
      with my eGO twist VV with tanks my dad has been smoking the white cloud
      throw aways he has told me and seems to like it. He might get their starter
      kit, it’s simple to use. Just worried about battery longevity. But I think
      it will work for him, the eGO’s and other mods and stuff out there is
      confusing for a first timer.

    • Nick Chawluk

      On a whim earlier today, I did some (albeit) fast research on e-cigs. I’m a
      first time buyer, and a lot of what I looked at recommended White Cloud. I
      purchased one of their starter kits (Cirrus 2?), and wasn’t truly confident
      on my decision until I watched your review. Now I can’t wait for my
      purchase to come in the mail. Thanks for what you do, and I’ll update you
      as soon as I try it out!

    • Daniel Stein

      Great reviews man

    • E-Cig Consumer Reviews

      Sorry, Ray and I both post answers on YT. It’s Paul ;-)

    • Justin Sah

      Are the cirrus 3x batteries compatible with other kr808 cartomizers?
      Specifically those offered by Boge?

    • MeetYourMaker89

      You sound like someone verrry familiar .. like a movie character.

    • E-Cig Consumer Reviews

      YES! You are RIGHT. Egad! I’ll get Ray to change the vid and put a
      annotation in there so people know they’ve changed their kits and prices.
      Good eye. ;-)

    • bottle2lip

      that’s right, BLU was bought. Thanks for info.

    • Jessica Szempruch

      WC is an awesome product, as my review on ECCR site shows. Your coupon code
      really helped with the price. Thanks so much guys; what you do for new
      vapors is awesome.

    • DCAMM720

      No problem. I’m really on the fence about which brand to get. Kind of up in
      the air between Green smoke, White Cloud, or Halo. Can’t make a decision
      for the life of me.

    • dwfewfew wqfewfwef

      how does the battery/cart longetivity differ from the Cirrus 3x and the
      Halo g6? About the same?

    • E-Cig Consumer Reviews

      Facts and links to back up your statement…. or your comment carries no
      weight. ;-P

    • E-Cig Consumer Reviews

      Some 808’s are a bit modified at the thread, so I’m not sure about Boge.
      Haven’t tried it yet. I will when we review Boge though.

    • E-Cig Consumer Reviews

      Thanks so much for the recognition :) Loved your comment! We’re happy we’ve
      helped you with your buying decision!

    • Jeff Mayone

      I posted a comment on the fling review by accident. I was actually
      wondering if this kit is still at the top of your list….looking to try
      something new. Thanks again!

    • Mugzys2green

      Great reviews! Ive watched nearly all of them, but now Im faced with a
      dilemma, should i get “White Cloud” or “Green Smoke”, Your input would be
      much appreciated, thank you

    • E-Cig Consumer Reviews

      Overall, Green Smoke. We rate them #1 for a reason. :-)