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  • Swole Jesus

    I personally only buy e-cig related items online from eBay. I find that the
    site provides the best deals typically for clone mods and attys and box
    mods that I typically buy and they are highly reputable stores on there
    with 10,000+ feedback to make sure everything goes smoothly. For e-juice I
    stick with local stores because I like to sample the juice first. I’ve
    never had a bad experience buying anything vaping related online when it
    comes to safety of information

  • IndoorSmokers

    If You Got The Time, I Got the Vape!

  • loadingoo1

    Always buy from websites that use paypal for there checkout you do NOT have
    to have to have a paypal to use paypal as a checkout

  • Martin McCraven

    No offense Indoor, but I would think someone who has been vaping as long as
    you would know a little more about good e liquid. All the stuff you suggest
    is starter liquid, especially Mt. Baker. I understand you’re not into mechs
    and rebuildables, but we all use e juice and your juice game is weak. You
    owe it to all the new vapers to step it up a bit. Again, no offense
    intended, just wanna see people be successful. 

  • clint551121

    Sux, just happened to be flipping through channels today and stopped on Fox
    news. Right when they happened to be talking about a new study out
    about vaping. They said a new study showed high traces of fermeldahyde, a
    known carcinogen, when vaping on higher watts. None was found on lower
    watts they said. Just passing a long what I saw today on the news to all my
    fellow Vapers. Look it up for yourself if you want to see the whole thing.
    Not sure how to do the link thing. 

  • Michael Javert

    I have been screwed a few times online, but the bank has usually been good
    about giving me the money back that I’ve lost. I would say about 5 bad
    experiences in my lifetime, so far. Just have to be careful. Blu Cigs was
    also my first about 5 years ago. I really liked their original kits with
    the smooth packs and they looked nice, felt nice. Just major issues with
    their batteries and charge packs, but the vape pens vape their cartomizers
    nicely. I like their Vivid Vanilla and their Cherry Crush. Proprietary to
    Blu Cigs from Johnson Creek.

  • CanWeTalk

    I have bought a lot of ejuice and equipment on line, probably close to
    1,000 dollars or more. I had 1 bottle of ejuice for 10 dollars that was a
    rip off. I ordered a RY4 and they sent menthol. I left 3 or 4 emails and
    called a phone number a few time. I never got an answer.

    I felt the sight was questionable and I bought the ejuice from them
    anyways. The web sight was just so cheaply laid out is the best way I can
    describe it. I knew better than to buy the juice from them and did it

    To solve that problem lol I started listening to this channel and Rip
    Tripper and a few others. From that point on I would only buy from sites
    that I seen reviewed and basically because of what was said here today. I
    let you guys take the chance first lol.

    I mix my own ejuice now and it cost me around $10.00 a month for 50ml
    including replacement coils for my Aspire Nautilus Mini and iclear30.

    Still looking for the perfect flavor.

  • Muhammed Bhamjee

    Hello l, i think the videos are great, up till today what will you say are
    your top 5 mods, tanks and start up kits.

    Thanks for the great videos you need to come to the uk and do a show

  • HerbalKnowledge

    myvaporstore . com has been my favorite, their shipping is ridiculously
    fast and fair prices for the newest stuff

  • Delton C

    Got some juices ordered from Mt. Vapor. Thanks for the link bud!

  • john kingsford

    The only problem I’ve had when shopping online for vape related things is
    the clones drives me nuts, so it’s off to the manufacturer’s web site to
    find a list of authorised retailers. In the UK most things arrive between
    1-3 days after ordering, lol I’m looking out for the postman right now for
    my Kanger sub tank mini. 

  • dmob420

    most of the sites in the usa are safe. your credit card will be fine and
    even if something bad happends, the cc company will not charge you for
    the fraudulent charges. If you still don’t feel comfortable then use
    paypal. lots of hardware sites except paypal. as far as juice goes, i have
    only found 1 store that takes paypal when buying juice and its in the usa.

  • Hunne Bunne

    Thank you for the links. I am one of the people out there that was a bit
    worried about sites to go to. Don’t see a problem anymore. Thanks to you
    providing some links for all of us that will start shopping for our vape
    stuff. It’s hard in the area I live in…cause we only have one vape shop.
    Seems like everytime I go in there…they are out of what I am wanting. But
    this will help me out now. Thanks again IndoorSmokers!!!!

  • Hulu Lu

    Today you lost me and my Subscription and hopefully a lot of others too…

    As many as possible should support their local B&M’s especially those who
    are actually fighting the politicians and the stupid regulations they are
    trying to force down over your head. Only buy things online that are hard
    to get by in your local community.

    Just because OP is a sad cheap ass pot head that can’t be bothered getting
    out the door doesn’t mean you should be the same. And he is actually proud
    of the fact that most of his gear is bought online (gotten for free for
    reviews) that made me shiver. WTF! Remember how much money you are saving
    by quitting the CIGS… use that money to support your local shops,
    otherwise you are an real asshole and have part of the death of this


  • inkitatus1

    Surprised you didn’t mention I’ve been shopping there for over
    a year,nearly 80 purchases with no problems. Far cheaper than elsewhere, &
    it’s where many online shops,especially eBay sellers get their stock from.
    Delivery ain’t quick,but postage is free… Highly recommended!

  • amacm69

    Half of the sites alert virus protection lol I like going to my local vape
    shop talk to owners. I use you to see what I want 

  • BeeGeeBeatz

    “A little something for the homies” hahahahaha this dude is the fucking
    best. Always making your vids fun to watch while learning. You make the
    best vids man. Shout out from Brooklyn ny

  • loung3act

    I live in the UK and I’ve been buying online for around 10 years and never
    had a problem. Mostly I use Amazon. However my vaping needs tend to take me
    to new sites for e-juice and such. My favourite juices right now are sold
    by Digby’s. Not sure if they sell in the US though.

  • Brandon Bragg

    DON’T SHOP ON EBAY. Other than that, DON’T SHOP ON EBAY. That’s about the
    best advice I can give to someone interested in shopping online. Ebay is
    great for a lot of things. Vape related merch is not one of those things.
    I’ve gotten all kinds of fake Kanger stuff from Ebay from coils to tanks
    to pretty much everything. Ebay seemed like the most safe place to go at
    first but overall the fake overpriced stuff is a game killer for me. I’ve
    never had a problem with any vape site I’ve used (granted I try to use
    sites that are designed well and have contact information readily
    available). I almost quit vaping when I started because I bought a fake
    VAMO from Ebay, I realized when comparing it to a friends that it was a
    fake(after burning up all my cheapo tanks that I had at the time). 

  • Marcus Huculak

    Wow, a lot of hate for Mt. Baker, I’ve been really impressed with them.
    They actually make my ADV — I prefer their Salacious Strawberry to a lot
    of the premium ejuices I’ve got from zamplebox–and I’ve got a LOT of good
    juice from zample.

    Yes, taste is subjective, but when someone rants and raves about how good a
    juice is, there’s a good chance it’s quality. I tried the Pocono’s Black
    Cherry Berry on Indo’s say-so and I’m glad I did, and my favourite
    zamplebox flavours have got a lot of rave reviews on zamplebox’s FB group.

    I’ve also had good experience with hangarvape — again ordering more of
    what I got in a zamplebox — but it depends on the specific flavour. They
    make 2 of my favourites, but one of them was so bad I described it as “A
    mix of sauerkraut and motor oil with a faint aftertaste of ass” (Only to be
    told that it was a really popular flavour)

  • Chi-town57

    Recently bought our MVP 20W units from VaporBeast, very happy with them.
    Been doing DIY juice for almost a year and getting some flavors from Mt
    Baker Vapor but bought ready made juices from them before we went DIY.


    ebay is a good place with buyer protection. Also paypal is a staple online,
    only one company has your card info, and they watch your back. Paypal has
    saved me a few times from devious sellers as well. Over 10 years and I
    trust no one but paypal for paying. Also the sites promoted here are
    trusted sites.

  • Artur Pitanga

    Like much this guy. Always coming back to our “noob doubts” haha.

  • Rob Jones

    Its sad that people in 2015 are still worried about buying online, but that
    the way it goes I guess. I’ve made multiple purchases from FastTech,
    FocalEcig, HealthCabin and eBay and never had an issue. For people who
    don’t live in the states, these are affordable, reputable companies that
    supply great products. I’ve also dealt with a number of Australian based
    and US based companies and never had any problems. In countries where B&Ms
    are not common, online is sometimes the only option and it really is a
    great option.

  • Dakota Kunkle

    I keep a second bank account for my online purchases with only like a few
    hundred bucks in it at all times. If anyone ever makes a purchase with my
    card I ain’t worries about 100 or so dollars and just cancel the card and
    get a new one. This being said I’ve never had any problems and I buy almost
    everything from the Internet