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    Kanger EVOD E-cig Vape Review Non-Biased Regular Joe Mini Pro V2

    v2 e cig

    v2 e cig

    32 comments to Kanger EVOD E-cig Vape Review Non-Biased Regular Joe Mini Pro V2

    • cturboaddict

      Update on Day 5 1/2…. 0 Analog smokes for 2 days!

    • Michael Vilches

      I had the same issue as you did with Blu and jumped back to regular cigs
      after like a month. I’ve been gradually upgrading through e-cig gear for
      the last few months with minimal/no cigarettes using almost the same setup
      as you were back in Jan when you made this. I’m using the big EVOD
      1300mAh battery with the voltage dialer and Kanger Mega Aerotank which has
      the air intake dial on it and my juices are 50% fire and ice and 50%
      menthol (I like the cinnamon taste of fire and ice but need more of that
      cold menthol taste). Glad you’ve stayed cig free. Keep at it!

    • tonyz2897

      Nice review! A couple of points I’d add are that if you are a heavy smoker
      (2.5+ packs a day in my case) definitely pick up a spare battery so you
      have one to use while the other is charging. The same goes for spare
      atomizers for whatever tank you use. The last thing you want to do is pick
      up a cigarette because you’re waiting for your only battery to charge or
      your atty is worn out. The second point is if you’re lucky enough to have a
      local vape shop, send some business their way. It’s cheap and easy to order
      everything from the internet but that does you no good if you need
      something RFN. Let’s keep the local shops in business! Good luck staying
      smoke free. I’m only on day 2 but the vaporizer has me way less tempted to
      pick up a cigarette than any previous attempt at quitting. 

    • Halloween111

      Good for you dude! Same Kit I have basically. I set the cigs down 7 days
      ago and no looking back.

    • shawnthor

      Version one or two?

    • Rasheed Whitaker

      So can you order different flavors for this? If so, where can I? Thanks :)


      Did you use a Evod Battery with the pro tank?
      Good job on the video!

    • Julian Burns

      Haha I’m happy for you man I bought one today but that’s right get that
      life back!

    • Hanif Phelps

      Dude, you’ve re-inspired me! I use the Revolver Brand

    • ddavel5441

      Good vid man. Got me 3 of those EVOD things from eBay today. About 30 bucks
      total, pretty affordable. charged two of them up first, as that’s
      recommended for fist time. Then spent an hour or so suckin on it, thought
      it was broke, till I figured out ya have to hold down the button when
      dragging, duh! LOL!

    • David Kuang

      hey, good man, the video is so wonderful, l love it very much. could you
      help me shoot a video, just like it ? Thank you. i am David from shenzhen
      Lrider Technology Co., Ltd with 7 years experience , just like Kanger.
      Please give me a reply. skype:lrider029 email:

    • donotstealmythunder

      How’s the new habit coming along? I hope you’ve been smoke free since the

    • Caleb Jaco

      Dont ever use your “accountant” voice again… Besides that good vid 

    • garyoa1

      Congrats! Great entry level piece. But you haven’t lived until you get into
      a real mod. :) Like night and day over these. 

    • Miss5asha

      Just bought one of these, battery is fully charged but my vape isn’t
      heating up?

    • cturboaddict

      Kick the habit people! Kanger Evod review, to quit smoking.

    • diamondjo

      Hi mate, Diamondjo here again, quick question. Did you have any problems
      with your kit on first receiving it? I charged the battery, it turns on an
      and off with the lights flashing white etc, filled the tank but….no vape?!?
      i’m just getting mouthfuls of liquid? Changed the coil with a replacement
      and still nothing, it’s just not working??
      Just thought i’d ask before contacting the firm who sent it to me. Did the
      wire around the battery connector too to try and pull it up further (as i’d
      seen on other vids), but still nothing :/
      Any ideas?

    • LRRVintage

      hey good for you man.. just ordered the evod with the mini pro v2. cant
      wait to get it

    • Matt Stitz for e-juices. Adding to previous comment 

    • Caleb Corsaro

      Good for you man

    • Joshua Holmgren

      Yes Yes Yes! :)

    • diamondjo

      Cheers for this vid mate, i’ve just bought one of these with the mini pro
      tank on your recommendation. i’ll receive it in a couple of days and am
      really looking forward to trying my first “e cig/vape” session. I’m a
      twenty+ a day menthol roll my own Golden Virginia Tobacco smoker and i do
      love my smokes and for me at least i think this is the way forward as i’m
      really not ready to “stop” and this at least is looking like a better
      alternative. I’m sort of semi fit but want to become really fit and lets be
      honest…Tobacco smoke and super fitness don’t really mix 😀 😀
      Thanks again for the review.

      J from England.

    • Matt Stitz for e-juices. Adding to previous comment 

    • Matt Stitz

      Protank mini 2 is great. So is the evod 2 with dual coils. Try getting a
      kanger vv (variable voltage) just kangers version of the twist. Works
      really well with the evod 2. Tried blucigs and I still wanted a cigarette.
      Tried this and stopped smoking that day (also a pack a day smoker) using
      2.4 percent nicotine. Halo has great e-juice. Awesome flavors and use all
      approved products to make it. Little more expensive but worth it. Much
      better than other brands I’ve tried. 

    • Promo Skill


    • MrDemies

      try one ore 2 drups of menthol in youre other e-lquidsl its nice and fresh

    • Connie Long

      Jesus loves u x

    • Yoni Dizzter

      good review. I am going to pick one of these up at my local gas station
      near my house. They sell them for 5.99 too.

    • Briawna Young

      Thanks Yoni! :)

    • Briawna Young

      Aw shucks! lol Well, thanks. I’m not much of a menthol fan though so I
      probably won’t like it…

    • Nitelurker1

      I tried the menthol today. It was pretty good. Nice flavor. Nice warm vape.
      Good vapor production. Packaging, form factor, etc was all top notch. The
      only problem I had with it was it’s very short battery life. They claim 400
      puffs, but I didn’t even get close to 100. I’ve had this problem with other
      disposables as well, so much so that I open them up right in the store and
      take a few good hits before I leave. I think the batteries drain while
      sitting on the shelf or something.

    • nick petty

      your beautiful(: review the menthol