Mig 21 Kit by Mig Cigs Review – The Best E-Cig Starter Kit For Newbies!

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creditcard Mig 21 Kit by Mig Cigs Review   The Best E Cig Starter Kit For Newbies!

25 comments to Mig 21 Kit by Mig Cigs Review – The Best E-Cig Starter Kit For Newbies!

  • x9x9x9x9x9

    Dammit Matt, now you have me worried. I have had this small black/darkish
    spot on center of my bottom lip, for about 3 years and I thought it was a
    stain from smoking but I haven’t had a cig in 4 months and it’s still
    there. On a lighter note I have really been wanting to try one of these mig
    cigs for a while. I have someone who is supposed to send me one but I keep
    forgetting to ask him about it.

  • Matt Brayshaw

    Nipples, small mouth, and breath that stinks like poop…. how are you ever
    going to live all of that down?

  • MrPhil1970s

    I sooo wish i had something like this a couple years ago instead of the
    crappy patches or the old style cigarette type ecigs but thankfully they
    ARE here now and THANK GOD i have finally quite smoking :) nearly 4 months
    and I am Sooo pleased I have managed to get off those disgusting things. I
    go on about how good these ecig are to my friends and how easy it was to
    make the change from smoking to vaping. 

  • Jason Abrahamson

    Holy fake N’ bake!! Vee is dark as all get up!! So what’s the deal with
    your nipples Matt… lol… I gotta say it… Vee might be a nerd, but she
    is one gorgeous nerd! You better put a ring on that Matt!!

  • Andrew Bales

    Great review and I am really glad you guys did this review because it is
    super important that people thinking about switching from cigarettes to
    something else have a non-intimidating option. I started with a V2 but it
    has some of the same drawbacks the Blu has; bad battery life, cartos didn’t
    always fire right, and they were not cheap. Cheaper than smokes but that’s
    the point; what people are giving up has to have a suitable replacement.
    “Nature abhors a vacuum” and people have to have a starting place that
    works. The mig is a great advance (in a way it is an advance) because the
    hardest step is that first one with this. Buying a new RDA or Russian
    causes no anxiety. Buying the last pack of Camel Lights does. Great review.
    Plus, new users are potential CASAA members but if you are reading this and
    new, just get the mig and good luck. Matt and Vee will take to you in
    future reviews all about CASAA, which is awesome. 

  • Lori Blakley

    Holy shiz, so glad you got into vaping, I’d say it saved your life! Hope
    you feel better, I hate laryngitis….Glad to see Vee back! Hope you’re
    done with school soon, if you aren’t already…love you guys (^_^)

  • H Krinkle

    Any recommends for flavors ?

  • daniel burns

    good information,thanks

  • Joshua Elias

    This is exactly what happened to me i bought the blu as my first e cig, it
    got me interested in the vaping world but it definitely didn’t stop me from
    smoking. It just wasn’t enough not enough nicotine and them batteries were
    such a pain in the a, either way i started watching alot of videos on here
    and checkin out all these shops online. Honestly i bought a smartomizer
    tank basically a bottom fed clearo single coil it’s helped me completely
    stay away from the nasties and now I’ve ordered an rda and a mod. Anyone
    who has issues when trying to quit don’t give up trust me there are plenty
    of options, some work better than others but ultimately you can find
    something perfect for you. There are a ton of different products in the
    vaping community 

  • Fred Finizzi

    that is too big for a lot of new people. I never would have bought that
    WHEN I FIRST STARTED VAPING!! I wanted something to look like a cigarette.
    Like 100% I am not going against what your review I just know how I felt
    until about 6 months later and I saw my first Grimm video. I even was
    uncomfortable with a small ego/510 ecig from fire brand. I only used that
    for a month. I keep forgetting those because I bought that kit and a month
    later saw Nick’s videos and 3 days later I got into mods and never looked

  • Fred Finizzi

    Hi Matt I was looking for something to recommend because I get a lot of
    questions from people and I have not bought a cigalike in almost two years.
    I thought greensmoke had the best cigalikes but that was a long time ago.
    Have you heard about them recently as far as the quality

  • derek pierson

    Y’all make me crack up!

  • devilhahalo

    thanks to you guys
    whenever someone bitches to me about vaping
    i’ll just say
    “Well You Can Just SUCK MY MOD!”

  • Jesse Rogers

    awesome guys …thanks for the review will be sharing this one on my
    facebook page ..been looking for a good review on the Mig cig and have to
    say i finally found it knew i could count on you guys …thanks

  • Sara Craddock

    Love my mods but still love my mig cig too :) Great video! 


    Suck it…suck it…suck my mod dammit…another great review. Thank you…

  • domhaul1

    you guys freaking crack me up, awesome reviews and part comedy, well done

  • scorio51

    FYI…..Those tanks look identical to Kanger e smart tanks …. the 808
    threaded ones…. I’ve seen those as cheap as 2.50 per tank…. and there
    are others out there… I know halo g6 tanks are 808 threaded but hold
    slightly less….. the regulated 4.2 volts is gonna make a huge difference
    for people trying to quit smoking over the standard 3.7 volt batts 

  • Monoxide2133

    I too got taken when i bought my first kit It was an ego ce4 kit and it ran
    me $75 for 2 batteries 2 ce4′s and a charger, BUT I haven’t touched a cig
    since that day so I can’t really complain. I guess that falls under the
    money well spent category

  • NickMaddox0

    Oh shit Matts voice finally dropped

  • Tommy Vaperz

    Great job as always , love my Mig 21 use it everyday in the car. Same tank
    5 months , just rinse it out and go .awesome. Much love guys

  • Dave B

    Have one on the way. Can’t wait to try it. Blue was my first one.
    Nice review. Kind Regards Peace

  • Hunter Jones

    Matching haha nice

  • Trevor Jones

    The mig is fire for sure. Great review guys! 

  • lisa malterud

    i just received my migcig21 a week or so ago and i love it : )