Playing Down the Past, the Knicks Say D'Antoni Has a Bright Future in LA

The timing of the Mike D'Antoni hiring by the Lakers is a curiosity, but then so was the firing of Mike Brown. Regardless, the Lakers have a new coach lined up as initially reported by The Times' Mike Bresnahan in the early morning hours. D'Antoni is

The Carmelo Anthony/Mike D'Antoni ended horrifically for the head coach, as they could no longer work together and D'Antoni was forced to resign. Given a second chance in Los Angeles, Melo says he's happy for his old

Celtics coach Doc Rivers often stresses that he pays little attention to the Western Conference because his focus has to be on getting out of the East, but he did chime in Monday morning after the rival Los Angeles Lakers hired Mike D'Antoni as their

Before the Blazers hosted the Atlanta Hawks, the rookies had to take a quiz, coach Terry Stotts gave his thoughts on Mike D'Antoni's hiring and Meyers Leonard gushed about his brother's visit.

November 12, 2012. When Mike D'Antoni resigned from the Knicks 10 months ago, in the wake of an apparent work slowdown by Carmelo Anthony, it was easy to dump all the blame on Anthony for not being on board with the emergence of Jeremy Lin.

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