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21 comments to Premium Electronic Cigarette Review – On Sale Now With Free Shipping

  • Nick Pratt

    I got a CE4 vaporizer and I love it! Has a great tasted and and I didn’t
    cool throat hit as to a real cigarette

  • Joe Sweeney

    To everyone who posted negative comments about Premium, you may be right
    now because the company has not only changed Suppliers and names, but the
    product offerings as well since March 2010. @Matt… sure you can say noob
    review since e cigs were catching on in the US still then, but you’re
    trying to compare a time when imports of e-cigs were seized at import vs.
    Now being able to import any e-cig with low tariff taxes under their HTSUS
    classification. Now anyone can import these easily.

  • gwarboygwar

    just so anyone knows, theres only one reason the customer support is so
    helpful. The product does not work properly. I, along with 3 other friends,
    all ordered various batteries/chargers from premium. ALL of us had to send
    back various components. I had to send my “on the go” charger case back,
    others had to send back ac/usb chargers, others had to send back batteries.
    On top of that, my pr111 battery quit working after 6 months. No help from

  • Crazyman1212

    i just got mine two days ago and they taste like those dirty camel smokes,
    i hate american smokes for canadians but be warned the tabbaco flavour
    tastes like camel, it’s gross. i recommend the flavored ones those….if
    you guys could create an e cig thats tastes like a players then i would buy
    the tabbaco one.

  • Outlaw777x

    Premium E cig brand sucks, half of the cartridges I ordered were empty, and
    they wouldnt give me a refund. Most of their flavors are terrible as well.

  • jbvtr

    yea, make some smoke!

  • BACON2369

    You can get them without Nicotine

  • Jeff Headrick

    @pete5668 that’s the flavor im waitin for id be “vaping” that flavor over
    any other just for the taste only.

  • sherikavmertzu

    I am lucky i received my Electronic Cigarette at no charge. Basically had
    to pay for shipment All the information explaining how to get one is
    actually on this web-site

  • 24okay

    @SmokeOutPost Oh really? Hey thanks for that information! :-D

  • Ecigarette Reviewer

    Nice vid. Just wanted to mention that Premium is a KR808D-1 type
    e-cigarette so it’s comaptible with these brands too: v2 cigs, vapor4life,
    eonsmoke, smoketip and a few others… This way you can try other
    cartridges without having to buy more batteries.

  • Bobby Hill

    where can i buy the cartridges and charger for this? someone left one in a
    parking lot and i nabbed it. tastes alright

  • Joe Sweeney

    @cjameson74 Tobacco Cigarettes contain 4000 chemicals and have second hand
    smoke, tar, odors, and create butts everywhere, the electronic cigarette
    does none of this. None to mention you save thousands of dollars a year.

  • kingofgames1220

    Do you need the nicotine for the vapor? I’m an actor, I don’t smoke but I’d
    like to do a character that does without the health defects, and becoming
    addicted to nicotine.

  • prikolistkaa This is better. I use those cigarettes all time!

  • Bobby Hill

    @pete5668 i wish

  • 24okay

    I am glad I found this video, because I bought from Premium ECigarettes,
    because they seemed to have so many batteries, flavors, etc… to choose
    from. Plus they seemed to be the only ecigarette company that supports
    reasons to quit smoking, unlike other companies out there who want you to
    keep smoking, but with their product.

  • matt13104

    Gawd Premium is the WORST company I have ever dealt with. Their $80 starter
    kit is the same as kits I’ve seen for less than $25. The merchandise,
    including the eGo kit, is all very low quality. Those little USB chargers
    will break so often you will be buying a new one every week. Same with the
    battery. Sounds like a noob review.

  • BloodyEyes91

    So this brand is definitely worth buying over the generic KR808Ds?

  • ArachnidXKing

    you have a head

  • pete5668

    can they make this with liquid marijuana? lol