Redskins' Robert Griffin III maintains focus amid increasing frenzy

There were enough Redskins at Verizon Center last night to court a starting lineup. If Redskins players at Wizards games weren't already a trend, I'd say they were there to catch LeBron James play. Brian Orakpo, Leonard Hankerson, Trent Williams, Fred

For reasons that completely elude me, John Harbaugh is continuing his one-man quest to get Redskins fans to root for the Ravens. Maybe it's a bit. Or maybe he just really cares about my page views. “We're trying to take control of this whole area,” he

WASHINGTON – A wager between two local leaders is putting a different spin on the idiom "political football." Howard County Executive Ken Ulman, a Baltimore Ravens fan, has put swagger on the line when his favorite team takes on the Redskins Sunday at

WASHINGTON – A new video posted by a group called Revolution Reels pokes fun at the Redskins-Ravens rivalry building ahead of Sunday's game at FedEx Field. In the video, Jimmy Vickers III plays a Ravens fan arguing with a Redskin fan, Steve Mobley.

The Giants scored just 16 points against the Redskins, but that was enough for Eli Manning to say he's pleased with the team's offense over the last two weeks and call the most recent effort "dominant." "I thought the last two weeks we moved the ball

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