how safe are e cigarettes



  • Amanda .

    I just got the k101 yesterday and used it without the chip opps :/ Do I use
    this safety chip while charging the battery too or just while its in the
    device? Thanks! Great video

  • Paul Gaglione

    I thought u couldn’t use the SIGELEI-K CHIP with 18650s? 

  • ComPrt3

    Very informative. Thanks for posting.

  • colt kwilkerson

    thanks Scott, i just got my K100 today. i got the kit and it came with the
    2 cent or fuse just like it. seemed pretty easy to install, but remembered
    you had a video on it so came round to make sure i put it on the right way.
    works great, the K100 vapes good and is now safe. thanks a lot mate.

  • Metalwise madd

    good mate

  • Thavy Thiphanep

    do we leave that 2 cent vape thing while you use it?

  • David Ayala

    Excellent video … mate! :)

  • stwarek1

    Can the VapeSafe2 be used with APVs or are they only for mechanical mods?
    I’ve got it on a new Lavatube 2.5 and it worked fine for an hour or so,
    then stopped working. The Lavatube still works fine and doesn’t appear to
    be having any shorting problems without it… although I’d still like to
    use a safety fuse when I can.

  • igetcha69

    hi mate, like i said in the vid, once the fuse blows you will need to
    purchase another one :( cheers scott

  • igetcha69

    hi mate, i mainly vape just one flavour and that is the “Titan Fluid –
    Tobacco” (if you google it then you should find it pretty easily) cheers

  • wraxalldude

    Hey Scott, first off I gotta say love your reviews, really detailed and
    informative, I’m pretty new to vaping and have a Cobra and Provari
    currently on order. Could a hard short be caused by not oxidizing a wick
    properly? ( sorry if that’s a silly question, I’m quite new to all this
    Vaping lark and don’t have a thorough knowledge ). Also could you use one
    of those windproof lighters with the blue flame in the absence of a chef’s
    creme brulee torch? Many thanks

  • Zac vaper

    Can you SEE the BLOWN FUSE?


    hopefully it will be considered as a standard some day, but of course can
    increase costs of device as well by a small amount I would think, so who
    knows if it will.

  • Francis Cruz

    Thanks scott! Keep up with the great reviews you’re really the best!

  • Tayzez

    [iminent=aqC6F9gUWfOB] Great review _____________ I have just posted a cool

  • igetcha69

    hi mate, you can create a short circuit if the mesh is not completely
    oxidised, but if you are using a Provari then it has plenty of built in
    protection that will let you know if there is a problem and yes, you can
    use a lighter but it may take a little longer to do ;) cheers scott

  • MrPoppinballz

    Oh i see, Yeah most of the battery mods actually have only a center pin and
    no rubber ring, which i think acts as the insulator for the positive and
    negatives. correct me If i’m wrong tho, i’m really gonna need this info, As
    much as i loves explosions, an ecig exploding in me face is probably
    anyones worse nightmare =P

  • Christian Glanville

    Hey Scott great vid and great to see a safety vid , you would happen to
    know if this fuse fits in a legacy and a precise + 18650 ? Thanks regardless

  • igetcha69

    hi mate, personally i would not bother using one in a Provari as the
    Provari has plenty of built in safety features ;) cheers scott

  • 1972darcymarkwell

    great review Scott. I had a 2 cent fuse in my cube and accidently put the
    battery in wrong and the vapesafe worked as advertised.

  • Shoreshot101

    But I already spent all my money on mods.

  • igetcha69

    no mate, the Provari has plenty of built in protection and is probably one
    of the safest devices to use (imo) i would definitely use a vape safe if i
    was using something that involved stacking batteries though cheers scott

  • igetcha69

    hi mate, the Phoenix review should be uploaded sometime over the next
    couple of days :) cheers scott

  • igetcha69

    hi mate, all big battery mods will still have insulation between the
    positive and negatives as otherwise they wont work because it will be just
    one big short circuit, lol every mod ive ever owned always has insulation
    between the positive centre pin and the outside negative ring on the
    atomiser connector. these are usually made out of rubber, silicone or
    something like a delrin insert cheers scott

  • Zain Wolf

    Have you seen “Tin Your Tip” with Garry Dibley? He had a couple of
    scenarios where the fuse didn’t blow when it should’ve. This isn’t to say
    that the fuse isn’t any good, but just that it’s not 100% protection. Any
    protection is better than none at all but hopefully future revisions will
    be more effective under varying circumstances where the current fuse might
    not kick in.