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    Review of the MARKTEN Disposable E-Cig by Philip Morris / Altria

    disposable e cigarette

    25 comments to Review of the MARKTEN Disposable E-Cig by Philip Morris / Altria

    • TopGaM3Slay3R

      You smoke like a fucking faggot pussy that’s never been a smoker 

    • Kellsey O'Hagan

      I got the menthol….after a few puffs it taste like ass. The cartridge
      only lasts about 20 hits. What a waste.

    • Karen Lewis

      I would like to find one of these vapor cigs. to help me quit smoking, but
      have tried two different kinds and have not been very satisfied. This
      review was alittle long and wordy, but good to know that the product isn’t
      worth buying.

    • Jack Lee

      Lol well if u look at the box it say made in china. Of croyse it taste like
      chinese. xD

    • Michael Holm

      people don’t realize e cigs are more useful as a none smoking tool that why
      i bought mine started using it

    • Travis Gill

      This review is the worst

    • Chris Imes

      Horrible Review … I want something that resembles and feels like a
      regular cigarette … Thats the reason i have smoked NJoy for the last year
      … found these and they put out WAY more smoke then NJoy and taste so much
      better … I am FLOORED you recommend and NJoy King over this … pathetic
      Now I have enjoyed (non pun intended) for alomst a year now … but the
      battery lasted about half as long, had a bland taste, NO smoke at all as
      compared to this MarkTen.
      Plus your this sucks, really sucks, crap stuff, no good, totally crap bro
      Kind Review Was HORRIBLE to watch … only reason I did was to get to the
      end to see what you thought was better … then you said NJoy and I knew
      you were full of complete $#!t.
      They are both good but this thing Kills the NJoy in flavor, length of
      battery to smoke, TONS TONS more vapor … overall this review is Junk In
      My Opinion.
      I think most would be okay with your feedback if you recommended something
      better. But this is BY FAR the best cigarette clone (size, lightweight,
      feel, look, etc.) that lat the longest, cost so much les then NJoy and
      produces Massive amounts more smoke then an NJoy King or anything I have
      tried so far.

      Trust me guys .. this guys review is really horrible … just by the way he
      present himself and talks you tell he’s an idiot. I guess we all have our
      own opinions but this one is just simply STUPID !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • mike mccauley


    • South Florida Comedy Channel

      I am new to e-cigs. But it seems to vape fine to me. Not like a real
      cigarette, but that’s the point, right?
      I’d say the flavor is chocolate/coffee bean. Have not tried menthol. Anyone
      try that?
      Nice not having tar/smoke smelling fingers and clothes.
      This reviewer needs an enema.

    • chloe west

      Worst review ever. 18% nicotine you said?!?! thats highly incorrect. No
      such thing on the market. 4.8% is the highest and its by Vuse. Markten
      pros: Good realistic hit and feel. Does not hit like and ecig. Has great
      battery life for its size. Approximentily 1 charge last one catridge. Njoy
      fucking sucks. Markten is not that bad. Get Vuse everyone. Way way better
      then njoy, blu, greensmoke, V2, all of em.

    • wordster100

      the lack of satisfaction is due to the inconsistent battery and low
      nicotine. Mark 10 has only 1 nicotine option.

    • SCAR ThreeNineTwo

      I disagree. I’ve tried Green Smoke, Vuse, and recently Mark10. They all
      seem about the same quality. but Vuse and Mark10 are better overall. It’s
      not really easy for me to find e-liquid that I trust, so these big name
      e-cigs are the only ones I’m willing to try. I’d say it’s a bit more
      smooth than Vuse, but the hit is about the same.

      This and Vuse are my faves. I haven’t smoked a cigarette since November of
      last year.

    • Ted L Cook

      I will say this much, out of all the E cigs i have tried and believe me
      ive tried them all, Blu is my all time fav! the Markten comes in second for
      me, as the rest arent really worth the money. sorry but this guys review
      sucks ass

    • Galactic Vibrations

      Tobacco companies need to stop trying to make e-cigs….they are all just
      awful! Blu, Vuse, and now this garbage!

    • MrMikeyj23

      This guy is an IDIOT!!! I regularly use a MVP V2 with an Aspire Nautilus
      tank. I also have a mech mod that i build my own sub ohm coils for with a
      sony vtc5 batt. I have tried Njoy kings and they suck balls. Blu
      disposables are half decent. Markten beats them both by leaps and bounds.
      For an “ecig”,these are pretty good compared to the brands mentioned by
      this idiot.

    • MARTIN3Z91

      Come on guy it ain’t that bad. Well I got a free coupon for the kit with
      the USB charger and I got menthol. Surprisingly it taste pretty good.
      Almost like a camel crush! 

    • Kelley Boyd

      I think they are BAD ass and I worked at a smoke shop for 5 years. I have
      smoked a PLETHORA of ecigs..and I just quit smoking after 40 years….and
      BY far this is the one MOST like a real cig yet…I enjoy the flavor…and
      the refills are cheap..and NO stupid fruit flavors….WTG Phillip
      Morris.,…..everyones a fuckin expert…

    • Mike Gavin

      May have misunderstood what you meant but 18mgs? I don’t think so I use to
      vape 18 and don’t think this is nearly as harsh. Look, you may not enjoy it
      but for ten bucks you get what you pay for. 

    • Happy Gilmore

      I got a coupon on this for a free one. Phillip Morris apparently
      purchased a mailing list, and I have a strong feeling they purchased the
      list from Mt. Baker Vapor. Regardless, I redeemed the coupon and have the
      same opinions in this video. The draw, taste, and lung/throat hit are weak
      to mild at best. I also am concerned it gives no information on the amt of
      nicotine – don’t purchase this – get an atomizer and some good tobacco
      flavor e-juice and you’ll never want to go back to cigs or e-cigs…

    • bobby luke

      The battery lasts forever.. how you gonna review something with

    • Polite Cig

      Please do not support companies who killed your loved ones. BigT could have
      made ecigs decades ago but chose to continue with analog combustion. Now
      they have no choice to jump in because its killing their profits. Fight
      back and don’t support BigT #murderedbytobacco PS we use feellife juice.
      Also would enjoy a review if you are familiar. Thanks all. Don’t lite Be

    • Kittaye Mossman

      And now I know exactly why I received a coupon in the mail for one of these
      completely free… because they SUCK! Still gonna get it to try it, I mean,
      it’s free after all.. but just wow!

    • Stone Tacular

      My friend got one and he thinks it is the goddamned bee’s knees. I vape a
      basic bitch no-name battery on a kanger protankv2 and it honestly kind of
      sad and most people would say that about me

    • Ryan Cowden

      This guy is a bit of a downer, I can’t dig this dude’s review because all
      he does is bitch about every single thing on this E-cig. Like all he would
      have to say is, it’s really not for me, taste isn’t strong enough and I
      prefer a little more nicotine. Instead be professional, and express your
      opinions in a way that communicates maturity. Personally I think Markten
      makes an excellent E-cig. They helped me quit real cigarettes, but he’s
      entitled to his opinion. I just wish he’d phrase it a little more politely
      and maybe try to look excited to try new products and tell everyone about
      it. I know I would be!