Review of theTop Electronic Cigarettes – Blu Cig, Prosmoke, Green Smoke, V2cigs and more

SmokenJoey brings you a Round Up Review of 7 Top Rated Electronic Cigarettes which includes Green Smoke, South Beach Smoke, V2Cigs, Prosmoke, NJoy, White Clo…
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The Ultimate Electronic Cigarette Ecig





25 comments to Review of theTop Electronic Cigarettes – Blu Cig, Prosmoke, Green Smoke, V2cigs and more

  • RICK Avalon

    I have been using E-cigs for 2 years and I finally found good quality USA made Electronic Cigarette, Tank System and Premium E-liquids at ECIGARKIT . com Best Starter Kits you will ever found at ECIGARKIT . com Check out their Promotions. How does the force interact the craven steel? Why does the regret create the earthy trick? How does the reason quote the outstanding condition?

  • TheSmokenjoey

    hi david, since this video i have tested many more – check out my reviews at smokenjoey,com with complete rankings– thanks

  • David Burchett

    THANKS A MILLION! I have made up my mind. u rock!

  • MakeDreamsLive

    @DisturbedOneMike The great thing about Greensmoke is that they have GREAT quality, the batteries last really long, the favors are awesome, they even have CLOVE flavor and it tastes JUST LIKE CLOVES!!! They even allow you to use discount codes on every order online. Not to mention the HUGE SALES they have every couple of months!!! Green Smoke is awesome! Check out my reviews! I use them and demonstrate the crazy vapor volume! I even use one in a store! LOL.

  • MakeDreamsLive

    You should update this vid. For 8 greensmoke cartridges it is now only 109.97 and u can add a discount of 10% off or more! Update please. And V2 cigs 1 pack of cartomizers is only 9.97 . And NJoy SUCKS!!!!!!!!! It is low quality. And the menthol tastes like spearmint pine needles!!! Ugh! Just thinking about it makes me gag!!! NJoy Kings had potential but the batteries on ALL OF THEM DIE BEFORE LESS THAN HALF WAY THROUGH!!!!!!! Green Smoke and V2 are the best and are battling for first place!!!

  • DisturbedOneMike

    Joey, i’ve been a Blu smoker for the last few years with no real issues until very recently when their batteries started to fail after less than three hits with hardly any vapor output. Based on your reviews, I am considering going with ProSmoke. I had considered GreenSmoke, but ProSmoke seems the more cost-effective choice, would you agree?

  • mrdodgecity55

    good info demo on your video better than most

  • xXGAMING101Xx

    v2 best e cig ever made

  • Skyda8

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  • Mig Cigs E Cigs

    We would like you to review our brand. We have worked for a year developing a battery that had an IC board that regulates the power. It will give you full power from the first hit to the last and lasts a little longer. Please contact me at 561-350-5296 and we can discuss. We will also offer a large affiliate to the first 5 review sites.

  • englerdseemah

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  • kelsiqsavantj

    Your insurance plan adviser wont tell you about these cash saving ways, yet we do. This comparison site will save you plenty on insurance.

  • MakeDreamsLive

    The best e-cig is GREEN SMOKE!!! I tried the Over 8 different ecigs. And none of them compare. Green Smoke taste AMAZING! It has the most vapor!!! I personally haven’t touched a traditional cigarette in over 3 years since I started using it.  This is the DISCOUNT CODE!!! 10% OFF: disc10-29745 5% OFF: disc5-29745

  • aussem9

    Hey SJ love your website, how does the Prosmoke compare with the Halo G6 the most notable aspects? and I also assume that the halo is superior to the rest in general right

  • themodmancarl

    i really like the blu cartridges in a different more equipped battery. it hit very well with no excess heat and is even the same universal size on a lot of ecigs

  • pmoyer50

    I got a V2cigs kit over a month ago and have no complaints. I can huff and puff all day on the battery and it recharges in 30 – 40 minutes. It works great and I like their V2 Red, coffee and chocolate cartridges. I plan on ordering some e-juice from Johnson Creek and refill the used carts I have saved up and also getting some blank cartridges. I would recommend V2 to anyone who is thinking of getting an electronic cigarette.

  • D.J. Tanner

    You are so right sir, my dad, has been smoking for over 40 years, he has COPD and is suffering. He switched to Blu Cigs and is actually breathing better after one month on them. So whoever believes that eCigs are no good, have no idea what they are talking about.

  • NoLove4BS

    IF YOU”RE ADDICTED TO NICOTINE, You definitely need to watch all of the current eCig videos. And try a reliable “e” Cig product… PLEASE do it for yourself and your love ones. NO Bull_Shit…..Take it from me, a “40” year tobacco user NO MORE. Video’s like this are a great help in understanding the process, for your success.

    Honestly……Do it for yourself…..Do it for life……Don’t let the big tobacco companies “steal” your LIFE……….LIVE a better Life…….May God Bless

  • TheSmokenjoey

    Hey hawaii– never tried Finiti yet but check out my website smokenjoey,com– i have many top brands rated with written reviews and coupon codes– thanks for your comment

  • TheSmokenjoey

    Hey azzouzhr- excellent choice — keep us posted in my forum at smokenjoey,com click on ask sj– thanks

  • azzouzhr

    I just placed my order for the Halo G6 and i also ordered their sample tobacco pack. thanks a lot for your help and advice and of course for the coupon 😀 can’t wait!

  • TheSmokenjoey

    great choice — if you stick with Halo, Volt, 777, these ecigs are easy to refill and are made to refill- if you want something like set and forget- then white cloud, apollo, or south beach smoke– thanks and use my coupon codes- I think I have them for each of these ecigs- might as well save a few bucks

  • azzouzhr

    ThanksAt first I was going to buy one of those brands i asked you about but after visiting your website I couldn’t make my mind! I currently have the blu cig original and let me tell you they suck!! thats why i focused about battery life in my first question. I really wanna buy a good e cig and I’m currently thinking about the G6 Halo because i think having the option of using smoke juice is very nice and it would save me some money! any advice or recommendation on this brand or in other brands?

  • TheSmokenjoey

    hi azzour- probably green smoke would win in some categories and prosmoke in others. The batteries in green smoke are good and last longer than prosmoke (they are bigger) but I like the prosmoke flavors more than green smoke- but taste is subjective. green smoke’s longer battery win last a good part of the day while prosmoke’s shorter and thinner battery will need recharged every couple hours.– take a look at my website smokenjoey,com for my latest rankings of top ecigs i have coupon codes also

  • azzouzhr

    Hello Smoken Joey, What an amazing channel ! thanks a lot.
    just a quick question, pro smoke VS. green smoke in terms of battery power and battery life time and battery recharge time and flavors which one of the two companies passed the Joey test better ?