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  • Smokeless Cigarettes Free Trial – Try Electronic Cigarette!

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    25 comments to Smokeless Cigarettes Free Trial – Try Electronic Cigarette!

    • ecigstoquit

      These devices are amazing!
      They will definitely help millions of people and save lives and the truth is slowly starting to come out about electronic cigarettes and people are starting to question the bad press they get and these things will only grow and grow and that is the best possible outcome for everyone (apart from the people who benefit from the massive damage caused by cigarettes nut they they need their second bentley)

    • CigarettesSmokeless

      No more tar! Spread the word about e cigarettes 🙂

    • Ecigarette Reviewer

      Not to mention Champix/Chantix (varenicline) that gets people to commit suicide. Can’t even kill myself without paying them anymore…

    • ecigfan

      Well said!

    • jspcrepair2008

      The main reason gov’s and the FDA are trying to ban or control them is because they make tons of money from the use of real cigs in taxes and from people who need medical treatment from using cigarettes. If they can’t ban them, they will try to regulate them using our own words against us – Remember, these are NOT a Smoking Cessation Device, they are a “Replacement Device” – the FDA will try to regulate them as a medical device if people keep referring to them as a “Quitting Aid”….

    • jjenkzifyful

      This is a very nice product; a lot of benefits come with this product. Instead of tobacco which causes cancer and many illnesses, why not try this cheaper e-cigarette which prevents second hand smoke and won’t damage the person next to you.

    • Typodest555

      Does this have a 501

    • ecigfan

      Please share your success story in as many places as you can – we need to convert more smokers to smokeless vapor sticks 😉

    • ecigfan

      Good luck & awesome decision! It won’t be hard with a little help from an e cigarette 😉

    • JonL31674

      going to quit 2 morrow wish me luck

    • Stu Richardson

      it works it work it works..Well said Swordice!!! LMAO

    • brokenwings41

      goodluck 2 all trying 2 quit my mom is a smoker she wants 2 try these cigs

    • SoulKingForever

      And they kill you too and you can never put a price on your life.

    • Zlproductions r

      cigarettes suck………………all they do is waste 2000 dollars per year for people

    • ecigfan

      LOL 🙂

    • sworddice

      wonder why World Health Organization(WHO) and Food & Drug Association(FDA) approved analog cig but refused to accept this. they know all kind of drugs and chemistry method to help people quit smoking will eventually fail(gum patch etc).im writing this at 20th days smoke-free.i can breath much better now. government, WHO and FDA can suck my cock while i’m vaping 🙂

    • Wayne Jack

      E cigarette is the best healthy methdd for quiting smoking.

    • SwaggerOverride

      Achievements Unlocked; Lung Caner,Heat Dieses,Hole in your throat, Kidney Fail, Yellowing Of Teeth,

    • ecigfan

      Awesome post! I’m happy for you 😉 Electronic cigarettes make it really easy to quit smoking. If more people knew that, they would give e cigs a try right away.

    • ecigfan

      Good luck! You’re on the right path ;)

    • godsendmehere

      quit smoking from the first day i got this :} im so happy now

    • Plassmann1

      I just started today. Wish me luck

    • Plassmann1

      My fiancé just bought me my first e-cig today. Ive smoked for nearly 14 years and I’m really hoping this can finally help me to finally quit. Ive tried everything… Cold turkey multiple times, laser treatment, gum, the patch…. And nothing has helped. This post is a testament to this product. I’m going to come back this this link every week and update my progress. Thanks for the support. 🙂
      Josh C
      PS-wish me luck.

    • truckstopcowboy

      there is a bunch of different flavors out there too.

    • TheElectroniccigar

      e cigarettes you go to love em