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    Smoking and its effects on Health – Stop today!



    36 comments to Smoking and its effects on Health – Stop today!

    • The higher man

      Smoking “can”

    • Ci Legue

      but it is very hard to quit smoking

    • Koh Wen Xun

      Wow tts really bad for thym

    • ლ(ಠ益ಠლ)TheHotPocketლ(ಠ益ಠლ)

      smoking hurts our layers of ozon so please stop smoking! like it or
      not…actually just smoke i want to see the world dies

    • Koh Wen Xun

      Bad for the health

    • EpicEmpireS

      smoke you health out of yeah

    • Shannah Herl

      Smoking causes sickness and disability and it kills. there are more the
      4,000 chemicals in tobacco smoke. 60 of which are known to cause cancer.
      smoking harms nearly every organ in the body. reduces your health and
      causes many disease.
      lets see how it affects the smoker:
      it causes oral and lung cancer and increases the risk of many other cancers.
      it also causes breathing problems and increases the risk of dangerous
      infections like pneumonia
      smokers have more of a chance of having a heart attack and are twice as
      likely to have a stroke.
      smoking can even accelerate hair loss in men. smoking also affects the eye
      and smokers are more likely to develop cataracts as they age and it raises
      the risk of developing weaker bones or osteoporosis.
      smokers tend to have a yellow teeth and develop gum diseases, persistent
      bad breath and other oral hygiene problems.
      above it all it kills 5 million people every year and makes may more fall
      passive exposure to cigarette smoke also damages health not only to
      themselves smokers also expose others to tobacco smoke in offices, houses
      and public places those most at risk are their own family and friends.
      passive smoking exposes non smokers to most of the same toxic gases,
      chemicals and particles that smokers inhale.
      passive exposure causes similar health effects as to those who smokes.
      children are particularly susceptible and are more likely to suffer from
      asthma and serious lung infection. cigarette contain nicotine which is
      highly addictive. some research suggested that it can be more addictive
      than heroine. even if you wanna quit, you may find it difficult because
      you’re addicted to its effect.
      so its important never to start smoking as it is difficult to stop later
      and if you already smoke, stop as soon as possible. now is the time to quit
      smoking and tell others how to do the same.

    • Étoile Best

      may I have the text of this video so i can translate some words that i
      didn’t undrstood ?

    • Haroun Sakka

      hey please i want the texte now please

    • Isabella Sandore

      Good, there r no dislikes, this was an amazing vid

    • World No-Tobacco Day [WHO], May 31

      Smoking and its effects on Health – Stop today!
      #StopToday, #Smoking, #EffectsonHealth, #NoTobacco

    • Dr.Evil

      That’s the kind of trick you don’t want to learn. So glad I just ordered my
      first e cigarette just now, I don’t smoke regularly, but I do smoke a lot
      if I’m having a few beers in the weekends. It cost me $60 but I will save
      hundreds of dollars a year by not buying real cigarettes. If it taste like
      the real deal, feels like the real deal, but don’t have any of the cons,
      why the hell would anybody still smoke real cigarettes instead?

    • Bojoran Pepovic

      asians are ever most skilled in everything. thats the truth. fat europeans
      like me are not able to piss inside the toilet.

      but that is an expensive hobby you should get a sponsor.

    • KJ Kwiet Storm

      Bro, smoking is dead. Vaping is the future and the future is now. -RiP

    • phenom Z

      You could probably buy a better camera if you didn’t spend so much on cigs

    • shmeet

      He’s very good! Should be on one of those talent shows.

    • Misugah Sherrill

      What the fucking shit. I watch this unnecessarily long video for a smoke
      trick expecting to see something crazy as a dick on a kite, on top of you
      being Asian, so of course I expect you to break the laws of physics or
      something… and you eat half of a pack of LIT cigarettes after smoking
      them, and some fucking NAPKINS. This was not a trick. Not at all. This was
      fucking dumb. You know what I think really happened? I think you, being
      Asian and all, invented a crazy ass drug that tops all of the other drugs.
      I think you tried this drug to study the side effects and they ended up
      being you 1.) Get really REALLY hungry. And 2.) You get incredibly fucking
      stupid. I hate you. You’re a disgrace to those motha fuckin boss ass niggas
      in those vines AND Asians. You ruined my entire day. Stupid dick.

    • DjZenitSwe

      Felt like my lungs got cancer just from seeing this. Disguisting

    • Jonathan Estrella

      Una persona con vata larga y blanca me dijo que ya qque yo fumo y no me
      importan mis pulmones me dijo que lo aga por mi Pene y yo dije por que y el
      contesto pss por que cuando mas fumas el humo se te ba alos pulmones y ese
      humo pasa por la sangre lo cual ase que en el pene no alla fluides de sangr
      y la sangre bombeando en el pene es lo que lo mantiene grande asi que si no
      es por tu pulmones aslo pòr tu pito!!!

    • DzyDzyDino

      With the skill required to pull this off, it’s a shame you didn’t create
      your own trick. You could totally breathe some new life into this trick, no
      pun intended, instead of copying it exactly. Although very awesome. I’ve
      never seen anyone else able to do this.

    • Antonio Deleo

      Ladies and Gentlemen, the Incredible Mouth-Cancer Man!

    • Dan Mokdad

      i thought you dumb asians ate cats now you’re moving onto cigarettes dumb

    • Pep pa

      Lmfao. ..this kid is crazy! !! Don’t see the point but sweet trick…

    • Justi fied

      Dayyyyyyyyyum! I don’t care what any haters have to say, that’s sick as
      hell! Well done my friend!

    • JoaniMaster

      What da heck did i just watch? 

    • Mike15000vr

      No developed lung cancer inside me from watching this & I never touched a
      cigarette in my life. 

    • panos cool

      is the stuiped video of the world lol xaxaxaaxa – _-

    • aj brown

      yo im done this nigga just ate like 7 of them

    • donny beiskom

      Don’t give him cigarettes.. Lol :D

    • Caleb McMillian

      Do your lungs a favor – invest in an ecig and some high nicotine juice.

    • bnyce52

      next challenge: who can get lung cancer the quickest?

    • Mark Winiars

      The Chinese are even better at taking advantage of smoke breaks at work
      than Americans.

    • LUSEJA

      but.. why?

    • SouthRidgeProductions

      @Dr.Evil you can block me from commenting, but i clearly said.. id rather
      smoke cigarettes then vape, simply because it is cheaper. no where did i
      say it is better… you fuck tard. lol infact i stated a lot of times
      vaping is healthier and better.. not the other way around you pussy

    • Bao La

      ” Thách thức tất cả mọi người….Thủ thuật hút thuốc hay nhất từ trước đến
      nay. Người đàn ông hút thuốc không thể tin được “

    • Davide Orsatti

      What the fuck is this shit? why ppl want to do things like that..he’s very