Super Mini Electronic Cigarette

super cigarette

creditcard Super Mini Electronic Cigarette

super cigarette

creditcard Super Mini Electronic Cigarette

25 comments to Super Mini Electronic Cigarette

  • naniekso

    cool man!

  • elbezfamily

    Hi, where do you purchase this mini e cigarette online in the UK?

  • cradleygirl

    I have been on this e-cig for 9 months and I haven’t had a real cig at all
    all I can say to anyone is its brill you get used to the taste it’s not the
    same taste as a real cig but I wouldn’t want a real cig any more I’m a very
    happy bunny

  • jordanmuse

    well i posted that 3 weeks ago! and ive got it and its great!!! its now
    been 2 weeks and 1 day since i had a cigarette! really recomend them!!!!!

  • elbezfamily

    Hi again, what’s also the differnce between DSE901 and EC08?

  • Earshot Ralphy

    how does the zero nicotine work? it kinda sounds like non-alcoholic beer…

  • theguywhoshim

    Dude this is pretty rad but i thought nicotine was bad for u

  • erlindaifaulkx

    Find out more about The way to Get A Free E-Cig Trial Starter Kit, Its
    legit i got 1 personally. Look at:

  • GamoHunter451

    Can you give me the price please someone =D ?

  • archiscale

    I just bought my first after seeing your videos. THANKS !!!! but the taste
    is shit. do you recommend a better way? I bought elusion type and I am
    still waiting on the Super Mini Electronic Cigarette.

  • Parmdeep Ryait

    Hi KamalPanjabi. Nicotine is a stimulant, it increases your heart rate and
    blood preasure. The heart increases in size as it is a muscle, It is having
    to pump blood, as it was sruggling to to do this, it enlarged. The nicotine
    would further stimulate your heart to pump more, causing it to enlarge
    further. I highly recomend that you do not smoke anything. As there is
    little research done on the e cig, we dont know what is actually inhaled!
    … IS IT WORTH IT? PS. your heart size can reduce also

  • jordanmuse

    i got the ‘super mini’ (model number EC08). its the one rustylug is
    reviewing in one of his other videos. and a bottle of totally wicked
    tobacco flavour liquid! spread the word! 11 other people i know have bought

  • jordanmuse

    man! ur a legend!lol after watchin your videos, i have purchased a super
    mini electronic cigarette, still waiting for it to arrive in the post.
    along with some nicotine liquid to re-fill. i purchased the one that comes
    in the blue box with the man on the front. you had it in one of your other
    videos. is this a recomended one?

  • rustylug

    Yep it is a RN4081 or a Super Mini. If any of you need any help please call
    me on 07010-715267.

  • chrisjmc2006

    Wow thats really encouraging to hear! What type did you get if you don’t
    mind me asking

  • xxlimpyleg

    yep he sold me too. super mini in the mail

  • dvd1731

    @dred544 you can get a disposable one from a website for £5.49

  • electroniccig

    Yes is the honest answer as nicotiene incresses your heart rate. I would
    say ecigs are better for you than real cigs … but not to smoke any is
    best .

  • stereocili

    Since yesterday I use the electronic cigarette. I used to smoke in my
    lungs, the electric cigarette smoke as well.

  • AznVerse

    I purchased DSE801 and DSE901 from AnyCigarette [.] com and I am completely
    satisfied! These models are Great! and produce lots of visible vapor. Had
    them for 3 months and work as good as new still.

  • Kamal Panjabi

    Thanks buddy you sound like a brother.. God Bless you. I have started for 2
    months smoking the Electronic cigarette with Zero Nicotine cartridges and
    Zero Nicoting liguid which I bought directly from the factory in Shenzhen
    China. so far my heart has reduced to normal size after a ehco was done and
    my blood pressure is 150/95 most of the time which is less then the 180/120
    which it reached So far thank God and thank you buddy.

  • electroniccig

    If you want to see more of my videos etc then goto bebo and look for me as
    ecig or call me on 07010-715267 im based in Inverness Scotland but i do
    post world wide etc etc ….Thanks.

  • noveltyskateboards

    then you’re gonna get addicted to that

  • SeanP7195

    E cigarettes will never catch on. Wanna know why? The Government is getting
    used to those billions and billions it rakes in as it rapes smokers money
    from them. The last thing they want is for you to quit smoking and live a
    long life. Its sad but true. some countries have already banned them. LMAO,
    banned, thats like banning tobacco plants. It’s a money thing and the e-cig
    lobby is non existent.

  • Kamal Panjabi

    Hi am 38 and just diagnosed with a little heart enlargement condition, have
    quit smoking for about a week now was wondering if i start these e-cigs
    will it still be dangerous for my heart condition?