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Toronto's medical officer recommends city-wide e-cigarettes ban A report written by Toronto Medical Officer of Health David McKeown recommends that the Ontario Ministry of Health amend the Smoke-Free Ontario Act to prohibit the use of e-cigarettes in public places, as well as a ban on the sales of flavoured e … Read [...]

Electric cigarette/shisha pen(NO NICOTINE) Proven

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nicotine extraction

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Green Nicotine Electronic Cigarette Review

vapor cigarette with nicotine

vapor cigarette with nicotine

Suicide Attempt with Liquid Nicotine

Suicide Attempt with Liquid Nicotine We report here on a 24-year-old German man with a depressive disorder and a sexual identity disorder who was admitted to the emergency ward after trying to poison himself by ingesting one capsule of the nicotine liquid used in electronic cigarettes … Read more on Monthly Prescribing [...]

E-cigs as effective as nicotine patches

is there nicotine in e cigarettes

is there nicotine in e cigarettes

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Winnipeg e-cigarette expo opens to packed, hazy house “There's different levels of nicotine,” said McLeod, who said he's lowered the amount of nicotine he smokes in a day over the past two years with the pen. Medical experts remain divided on the safety of the pens, and there has been much debate [...]

Lastest Nicotine Free Electronic Cigarettes News

Are e-cigarettes harmful? It's too soon to tell For regular tobacco user Andy Bizzell, 36, of Sharpsburg, all it took to make the switch to electronic cigarettes was a stop at SS Vape on Wilson Boulevard in Hagerstown just to give the new trend a try. Bizzell, who had a one- to [...]

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Sale of E-Cigarettes Are Now Illegal To Minors In Georgia DPH is asking adults to warn children and young adults of the dangers of electronic nicotine delivery systems, sometimes referred to as “e-cigarettes,” “vape pens,” and “e-hookahs,” and to keep these products out of the reach of young children … Read more [...]

Improved Nicotine Patch Weans Users

Improved Nicotine Patch Weans Users … Before a Heart Attack. Tags: Cancer | nicotine | patch | tobacco | SmartStop | smoking … Conventional patches provide a steady supply of nicotine, but the electronic SmartStop proactively addresses situations when quitters most want to smoke … Read more on Newsmax Health

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