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    The Best Ecig MOD in the World Part I

    best ecig

    creditcard The Best Ecig MOD in the World Part I

    17 comments to The Best Ecig MOD in the World Part I

    • Bob Flanders

      Could you do a video on the best starter mod in the world. Maybe the mvp 2.

    • cguymartin

      it’s driving me crazy! what is the theme song at :20 ?

    • Bob Flanders

      Is it just me or is fine tuning what e-liquid vapes the best at what
      voltage and what ohms, and at what resistance, and at what wattage, a
      difficult concept?

      I like cheesy too, straight to the point is boring to watch.

    • Mat Marana

      you should check out the hana modz v3.

    • Knurd Toons

      Hey everyone, skip to 2/3 of the way in to get any info on this. Reviews
      don’t need cheesy prod value. You could have made this video in about 58

    • Djniraken Vega

      what is the lowest ohm the mini can vape at?

    • MurderCrowAwdio

      I don’t agree with the statement but the video is cool as all hells!

      Also is that some kind of Vamo clone? The display kind of looks like the
      old vamo.

    • Jeromy Taylor

      I consider you the voice of vaping.

    • David Amonett

      Subscribed cause I like your style…

    • Tim H

      GREAT presentation! Matter of fact, I think I’ll go buy one right now…

    • Steven Currier

      vamo v5 you will love it

    • Vapor Alley LLC

      The best??? Nah, but good show none the less. And a nice mod

    • Liller Dan

      I am also like the Lambo 6.0, 

    • Webster Hawk

      awesome mods.i love it!

    • Quityer Balogna

      Sorry, but I’m going to come down hard on you.
      While I do like your voice because it sounded like god, the reverb was

      Also, you titled your video as “The best ecig mod in the world,” most
      likely to garner attention and get more views on your video when people
      search for “best ecig mod.” This, in my opinion, is a very huge offense –
      and I can’t think of anyone who I would let pass by saying that.

      Secondly, in a review by pbusardo, he said that he got two units that were
      not functioning properly, one of which the manufacturer confirmed WAS
      working properly, and later it didn’t.

      And, to be blunt, there’s nothing special about this mod. My SVD has all of
      those features, as does the MVP, the itaste VV, provari, DNA, etc. I’m not
      saying it’s bad, but best? I don’t think even you believe that. (You admit
      you’ve only had it for two weeks AND this is your first VW mod!)

      To go on even further – you’ve already asserted in your other videos that
      you found the best ecig in the world (which was an EGO battery –
      seriously?), the best ecig shop in the world, and the best starter kit in
      the world! My oh my! If it was the best then why did you continue to
      purchase more?

      Your video, despite the good and funny editing, was uninformative and was
      50% video clips that contributed nothing to explaining much of anything
      about the mod. The other 50% didn’t even explain why it’s the best!
      Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.

      Normally I would let all of this pass and go without commenting, but it
      appears your actions on reddit have also been dubious – as /u/smallchanger
      pointed out – your comments are blocked and you have been shadow banned.

      Link to reddit post: (comments indicate ban)

    • Bullock Jason

      your voice heards so well