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    The Death of Electronic Cigarettes as We Know It. Vapor eCigarettes MODS eCigs

    e vapor cigarettes

    creditcard The Death of Electronic Cigarettes as We Know It.  Vapor eCigarettes MODS eCigs

    25 comments to The Death of Electronic Cigarettes as We Know It. Vapor eCigarettes MODS eCigs

    • professor88p

      thank you sir.

    • TheStarfkr

      Unfortunately I too put it off until almost the end. So I’m going to have
      to jump on this quick. 

    • ItsRazor | Factions & PvP

      Wow. You lost alot of weight.

    • Devin Smith

      SO are smoking vap mods bad? Their has to be some risk.. all I wanna know
      are the risk. 


      I smoked a lot for about 50 years. I rolled my own cigarettes and went
      through about two 6 oz cans of Bugler a week. Each can is suppose to be
      like 200 cigarettes each…However I managed to roll my cigarettes thinner
      and would get like 300+ cigarettes each can. I tried everything that’s made
      to try and stop smoking and nothing worked. Finely I decided to try a e
      cigarettes and haven’t smoked a cigarette in almost 4 months now. So now I
      seem to feel a little better and just wonder if stopping smoking will
      actually do me any good at my age?

    • castello west

      Good job! Join us on facebook too. We can help if you have questions.

    • GuyVelella

      Do you still use ecigs? Do you ever plan on quitting? are you addicted to

    • Liz Hitt

      Yep….still hot ;) +Zee Cigs Let’s go grab coffee sometime ;)
      #SorryNotSorry :-D

    • 54thfloor

      when I try to share on Facebook.. I get this error message “This dialog
      has been passed a bad parameter.

      API Error Code: 100
      API Error Description: Invalid parameter
      Error Message: source URL is not properly formatted”

      So I just copied the URL and posted it with the link. 

    • blue girl

      I am a 40 year 2+ packs a day smoker NO MORE all because of e cigs. If
      these are taken off the market I will have to go back to smoking.

    • Anthony1x11

      :/ i smoked since i was 14 and im 22 i quit i dont want to die of cancer
      but its hard i need something to smoke.. 

    • myrandom

      Build box modz and mix your own juice

    • Chris Daniels

      Big Tobacco owns the FDA just like any other large corporation does.
      However, you wont see them doing shit about sugar. Sugar causes more deaths
      from over-including it in food products than any other substance on earth.
      But wait, this would be another big corporation so we know that isn’t even
      going to be a conversation let alone a controversy.

    • Marie I

      I will tell you my story why vaping is safe.
      In january 2014 I get very sick in the swine flu (H1N1). Due to that, I got
      the worst pneumonia you can get.
      I got intensiv care. I was anesthetized and had to be on a ventilator for a
      They did not know if I should survive.
      But due to that I had start vaping two years before, my lungs were in good
      condition and due to that i survive.
      I had smoke real cigarettes for 40 years. All the medical examinations
      shows that my body has recovered from that.

      So vape on everybody!!

      Greatings from Sweden 

    • The5thduke

      hey Shaun i forgot all about you.your the guy who got me of smoking
      analogues you were one of the first on u tube keep making vids man and
      thank you.

    • Jeremiah Scott

      I’m 31 and have been smoking cigarettes regularly since I was 13 and then 2
      packs a day since I was 17 or 18. I purchased my first “ecig” (kanger EVOD)
      about 5 months ago and have upgraded since then. I haven’t picked up a
      tobacco cigarette since then. I have gotten my taste back, I can breath a
      hell of a lot better and I just don’t feel like tobacco has a hold on my
      life like it did for years. I can just tell the differences now – even a
      week after quitting. I just don’t understand why some people cannot see all
      the similar stories of breaking free from tobacco and how ecigs have
      changed so many lives… It boggles my mind.

    • Mazen AbdelGhani

      Hi, thanks for your video. My question is: how are e-cigs considered
      tobacco products when they contain no nicotine? I think this idea will
      trump any regulation on e-cigs in any court of law. I don’t see anyone
      following that path in telling FDA that they are not going to include
      e-cigs in tobacco act.

    • Yasser Seleem

      the FDA page is no longer accept comments 


      Excellent videos and very professional.

    • jimreid5

      see the thing about e cigs is they are easy to use, but then you go on
      about mods, which is way too confusing for most people, I think.

    • Walter White

      Damnit, I saw this too late. Subscribing now…