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    Vape Shop Review! Voltage Vapor Shop in Palestine,TX-VapingwithTwisted420

    electronic cigarette jacksonville fl

    25 comments to Vape Shop Review! Voltage Vapor Shop in Palestine,TX-VapingwithTwisted420

    • Rafael Lopez

      Very cool Vape shop

    • AntVapes

      Ok Twisted, I gotta call ya on it, youre always sayin how broke or poor you
      are. I think from seein your car and stereo system, our idea of poor is
      waaaay different lol. Not talkin shet just effin witya. Cant wait to see
      the clone future!

    • aaron r

      just ordered Atlantis Tank from your shop dude……. excited to get It
      thanks for the heads up on facebook, and youtube Try to sign mah box
      before it ships.. stay cool

    • Mikemurt78

      “If you don’t like clones, fuck off!” hahaha

    • grandtheftgamer 2k15

      Nice trap intro :) love this song 

    • Bill Bottoms

      At 1:51 CE5’s for $9.99. Really, Just really, That’s a $3.00 item.

    • PaladinO

      They need a new uniform… 

    • David Roth

      Damn dog. I need a real vape shop by me. Mine pretty much have tanks egos
      and inokin stuff. 

    • Cafe Vapor Lounge

      I’ve got questions about the e-liquids and I’m not getting much help from
      my local shop. I’m going to be opening up a shop in January/February in the
      Tennessee/Kentucky area and I need help.
      I saw all the juices you had on the wall and was wondering what you guys
      carry. Any help, please. 

    • Maxwell Lamouria

      What? A vape shop that actually has product in stock? I had to rub my
      eyes to believe it was true. These guys are doing it right!

    • Taz Bailey

      Chase and you have great idea with the clone review, were all trying to
      break our budget, not increase it with over priced mods!

    • Michael Heck

      That Audi a piece of shit? Haha please son. Unless it’s a clone hahaha jp

    • Ver ena

      If I would live there they would see me veeeeeeeeerrrrry often. What a nice
      shop with a huge variety of mods and atomizers. And I love your car since I
      have the same in silver ;-) But I bet you have the better sound system :-))


      Nice whip! What percentage are your tints?

    • jason jones

      Field trip segment should be in your regular rotation twisted! Cool vid.

    • ChibiChula

      Just watched GrimmGreen’s vlog and had to come back to pester you about
      Vape Bash on his behalf. Go meet him! And do vape stuff, of course.
      Consider yourself pestered, lol.

    • Willie Burnett

      Yo twisted. I bought the magma the same night you did the video about it. I
      still haven’t received it from voltage vapor. Been 2 weeks already. Can’t
      get a straight answer. 

    • David Wilson

      Nice to see more B n M’s setting up in East Texas cause I be out here in
      Harleton Tx..

      * eastXrebel *

    • Isaiah Gonzales

      God Damn that Audi clean A’F what is it

    • John Allen

      I live like 5 miles from voltage its a cool shop and stuff but theres one
      by our walmart called freedom vape that I prefer just because the juice is
      cheaper and voltage didnt have the flavor I wanted but still an awesome

    • ChibiChula

      You are so lucky to have a brick and mortar shop local. I’m in New York
      where they are so restricted that they are pretty much nonexistent. I think
      there’s one in Queens (I’m in the badass Bronx, lol) but I can get things
      so much cheaper online that I haven’t even bothered to visit. Don’t even
      need to do emergency juice runs since I DIY my juice. Hoping that New York
      will finally loosen up those restrictions….

    • Tim Elwell

      not only would grimm like to meet you, so would i. come to vapebash 3. i
      will only pester you this one time. maybe.

    • Charles Skeen

      Can I have your car, 

    • Erik Negakinu

      Tincup! Gotta love him! Looks like a cool shop, wish we had those here in
      the EU. 

    • Kevin Trojan

      Dude! That’s the booty fastest Helios clone! Whack whack whack! The ehpro
      one is 1:1, faster is like 23mm instead of like 20