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    Vaping E-Cigs Voltage Vs. Watts

    vapor smoking devices

    vapor smoking devices

    50 comments to Vaping E-Cigs Voltage Vs. Watts

    • Redfern Pitcher

      Holy sheepshit Ripman, have you seen how many spammers are commenting in
      your videos comment section? I started off marking some of them as spam,
      but there’s so many now I have given up.


      You’re the best Rip. 

    • Lucas Caballero

      I’m wondering why my coils on my rebuildable mod keep catching on fire. Do
      I need a different type of coil?

    • JamesCizuz

      Voltage does not control heat.

      It’s technically wrong.

      Amperage is what causes a wire, or coil it become hotter.

      V(Voltage) / R(Resistance) = I (Current)

      Wattage(Power) = Volts * Current.

      While increasing the voltage does increase the amperage, amperage is what
      causes the coil to heat. Higher amperage through a wire means more heat.
      Putting it in a coil makes it a resistor and acts as an induction heater.

      Just a small nit pick. You could technically put as much voltage as you
      want through a wire, and it won’t melt. Putting more amperage makes it
      hotter. As you can see by V/R creating a resistor makes more voltage = more
      amperage. Normally the resistance on a wire is far to small so the
      difference in amperage is small. Coil makes it a resistor so voltage is
      transformed into amperage within the coil.

      Also the resistance does not(Or should not change) that is pretty much
      determined by the number of turns within the coil.

      What is actually happening is as battery changes voltage drops. So “4.8”
      isn’t always “4.8” volts, it’s within a range. At 100% battery, it may be
      4.8 volts, but at 30% battery “4.8” may actually be 4.4 volts. This changed
      over time, and is based on a lot of variables. Better electronics etc can

    • eatermaneatsyou

      I have a question. I’m running a plume veil clone on a vision spinner 2..
      Yea I know its not the best battery, but I’m saving up for a legit mod.
      Okay so I ordered a bag of 1.5 ohm coils. They run great, chuck the crazy
      vapor in single coil mode. In dual coil mode, my mod can’t push enough
      power. It hits the amp cutoff. So I tried doing a dual coil, with two 3 ohm
      coils. So I thought I would get the same, or more vapor because it;s the
      same resistance, right? Wrong.. I get almost NONE and the coils will barely
      even heat up. Is my battery just shit? or is two 3 ohm coils just dumb?

    • Nat Brown

      FINALLY. I understand. 

    • gregbwhite81

      Im getting a nautilis and a mvp2 soon. What wattage setting do u recommend?
      Also should I get the 1.6 or 1.8 ohm coils?

    • Dizzy

      you should really make a shirt that says chuck! on it or something like
      that would love to buy it!

    • Jonathan Shaw

      What I dont understand then is why have such variations on the wattage? why
      not just have say, Hot, warm and cool? Why do people want such a variation
      in wattage like the DNA50 if its set and forget?

    • John Mahaney

      I just got an MVP 2.0 as a gift for my birthday last night and it is my
      first time vaping. Hell, I havent smoked in 8ish years. Ive been keeping
      the wattage(p?) at 11 with the iclear30 tank. What would you suggest is a
      good place to keep it?

    • Laurence Yu

      can you get huge plumes/ cloud chase with a regulated mod? like vaporshark

    • Westwind Spiritworld

      BTW badass content is a ripoff. You can’t say you weren’t warned.

    • Scott Paré

      Haven’t used my DNA in months… for the life of me I can’t remember how
      the hell you put this damn thing in voltage mode? will somebody please tell
      me how I do that ?


      Voltage pushes the amps. This is why you need less voltage at lower
      resistances, because the current can move more easily. Wattage is wattage
      regardless of whether you adjust the voltage to obtain it or have the
      device do it for you. We are limited by voltage output though. So there
      are “sweet spots” as far as resistance is concerned when it comes to
      actually obtaining a certain wattage. If you have a high resistance coil
      and you can’t apply enough voltage to pull enough amps from the battery you
      cannot obtain your desired wattage. Not only that, but to my knowledge
      devices can’t undervolt, so you are going to be dealing with nominal
      voltage regarding low wattage settings. I have a 1.7 ohm coil on my IPV2
      right now and it shows 8 watts @ 3.7 volts. The device can go down to 7
      watts, but I’m pretty sure it would still fire at 8 with this coil. 

    • John Mal

      I have nautilus mini and a mvp what do you sugest for wattage and volts
      respectivly? Love your vids very informative!

    • Tony Beadle

      Superb explanation my hairy friend.

    • dp1582

      thanks for the advice. i just got the egov v4 and it works really well on
      low voltage for 1.9 – 2.1 om, like 3.4 volts works really well. some advice
      i also got was start low and step up until the hit is optimal. great stuff.
      really enjoying both my CE5 and Kanger Mini Protank 2

    • Неловкие Ситуации

      Гам но

    • purgeist

      0:04 you just went full hobo

    • Wil Tee

      Thanks for the ENGLISH bro!! LOL

    • Vincent Sapone

      those fingerless gloves, man.

    • Kyle Edwin Ostrander

      that was very helpful man thanks

    • Stephen Harrell

      This dude just breaks it down proper. I just started Vaping about a week
      ago (bye cigs!!) and had NO idea how this VW/VV stuff worked. That was
      excellent. Thanks homie! Sub’ed!

    • Adam Zepeda

      Does anyone know how to make your tank not taste burn after a while having
      it ?

    • Dan Jones

      so helpful ive got a mvp2 its my first thing battery ofer an ego battery
      and this has helped so much

    • James Ong Swee Hin

      Very informative, took me a few view to digest it…
      So quick question on this Peg, I usually get dry hits on drippers as I am
      new to it and really cannot gauge on how dry the wick is getting until I
      the dry hit, and sometime a really, really dry hit… which is nasty….

      So my conclusion is to stay on the tank systems to be safe? Cos my wick on
      the tank systems seem to not have dry hits at all…. Thanks to your other
      videos… :-)

    • Chris Orsini

      A lil Pegception haha. Great vid Peg! The first vid has been on my mind
      since I watched it. I’m relieved. 

    • Kwistenbiebel200

      I get it that a juiced up coil shows a lower temperature measured by a heat
      gun, but that temperature is taken in the perimeter where there is a
      cushion of vapour surrounding the coil. How can we be sure that right on
      the kanthal the temperature isn’t higher? I am skeptical. It could be the
      acrolein is still being formed close to the kanthal , and a millimeter away
      it shows the cooled down vapour lower temperature … I would like to see
      this scientifically tested and approached before concluding it is safe.

    • Ingo Shroeter

      The device you are using to measure the temperature is called a Pyrometer.
      I have used them extensivly in the past.
      I noticed that when you did your measurments the red aiming dot was not
      pointed at the coils but rather at the top of the frame of the Mod. This
      could make quiet a difference to the measured results.
      BUT… not forgetting that when we vape we draw a substantial amount of
      cool air over the coil thus cooling the coil and vapor I personally do not
      see us reaching critical temperatures.

      So therefore vaping is still save if we vape save! ;-)

    • Spike Timmons

      thanks for all your hard work.

    • Dustin Prouty

      one thing after watching both of the videos on this topic that i feel you
      left out and shouldn’t have is the fact that cigarettes give off this same
      chemical. so my question would be, with very low sub ohm vaping what would
      the levels of Acrolein look like compared to the levels found in cigarette

    • Ben Lane

      Hey peg I have heard popcorn lung Bronchiolitis mentioned a few times an
      hear it can be caused by vaping butter and custard flavours but can’t find
      any information about this do you know anything can u help as custard is my
      all day vape I’m a little worried any info would be great thanks

    • Stephen Tavares

      my heat gun idea worked pretty good i take it , thanks for the info peg and
      the follow up on this and i vape at 11 watts on a 2.2 coil with a trident
      v2 clone on my vammo v5 

    • Guido van Gent

      Awesome followup Peg. Better to have facts that it is safe to vape instead
      of thinking its safe.

      I would have missed my 50/50 blends if had to go to VG only, but im glad
      that its not needed and was wrong in the first place haha

    • Walt Vapes

      Thanks for the follow on.. I know that you have been wanting to play with
      the heat gun. This is definitely one less thing to worry about, now back
      to playing with the rayon

    • dominic rivera

      Great video brother – have you ever heard of Sucralose as an ingredient In
      e-juice before? Looked a little into it – seems like it’s doing what PG
      already does with more side affects. Of course, I’m not an expert – but
      would like to hear your opinion about this. 

    • Pegasus Vapor Academy

      Guys, Please give my description a quick read before commenting.
      Videos aren’t easy to do especially when you have to find a balance to
      explaining things. Its intentionally done in a manner so everyone can
      understand and not fall asleep.

      To whomever was made nervous from the first video, I apologize for the
      suspense, but all is well in vape land. Sleep well my family members and
      continue to spread the word of vaping with a clear conscience.

      P.S. please just bare in mind that a very small % of people can be allergic
      to PG. The rest is all gravy.

    • Jonathan Baker

      So I’m curious what a. 5 ohm coil would read with a fully charged battery
      on a mech mod firing with the wicking… Care to test with your gun? lol

    • StormTraceur

      i thought the function of the gun was that whatever the red dot was on,
      thats what temperature reading came from. you didnt put the dot on the
      atomizer, instead it was on the hana mod. Correct me if im wrong haha

    • Quinn McKee

      Thanks for following up on this matter. I think we can all agree that this
      experiment isn’t perfect, but I do agree that it is miles away from the
      dangerous temps. I was thinking. Is it possible to use a wired thermometer?
      Like the ones we use for cooking meat in an oven or grill, but on a much
      smaller scale. To get a more accurate reading closer to the wicking
      material. Any thoughts? Great Vid Peg!

    • Pedro Carvalho

      Dear friend

      Congratulations about posting about this issue. Safety must be taken
      seriously. Your intentions are great, but the temperature measurements
      method is wrong. you should use a thermocouple instead of this device.
      I can assure that you data are incorrect, they should be much higher.
      To a coil becomes red must be above 500 Celsius degrees, please look at
      Planckian locus correlation here

      So we should be very careful with the power of mods. I can assure you that
      a 306 aty reaches 800 Celsius degrees when become red.
      I already measure it.
      Friendly regards


    • Dwayne A. Richardson

      Gotta love the informational videos!

    • bodyispierced

      Ty a worthy worry of a new vapor thanks for clearing that up

      Ps I am like you I like charts info facts heck for fun I read instruction
      manuals just because it’s my nature keep it up showmanship always takes a
      back seat to facts and it shows you care about us all

    • baronvoncardo

      Dude, you have a clone!

    • Josh Mich

      I noticed if something comes along in vapeland that isnt all goodie goodie
      news, alot of us try to down play it , make it not as dangerous or
      important to pay attention to as maybe we should. Almost like dont rock the
      boat. You know what I mean. They want to think ” oh hey this vaping this is
      my excuse to get away from smoking and act irresponsible with it and
      everything will still be ok cause vaping is 100% safe. People its not.
      There are things going on some we know about some we dont. The thing is not
      to sweep it under the rug and down play it. Face it like responsible adults
      and make changes if you need to. Im sure competition vapers will swear they
      never get dry hits , there coils never get hot enough , or this is all just
      ant warfare. Wake up, lets not go from one sinking ship into a lifeboat and
      start drilling holes in it. Vape responsibly.


      using DNA30 mod @ 19 watts 29gauge Kanthal, 1 ohm micro coil, cotton wick
      60pg40vg holding fire button for 3 seconds got 220F degree with temp gun.
      Wick was almost dry so the coil did not turn red from the heat.. does this

    • Ax4400

      Really appreciate your videos they are informative and I appreciate the
      honest “Well I just don’t know at this time”… attitude.
      Oh yeah I’m relieved since the first video I watched… 

    • Dave Weber

      I like being a student in this class

    • Michael Cunningham

      Here is the second part to the Acrolein video