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    Vaping on a budget – 8 low-cost VV e-cigarettes for beginning vapers

    how much are electronic cigarettes

    8 comments to Vaping on a budget – 8 low-cost VV e-cigarettes for beginning vapers

    • Phyiuck_Yiu

      My cartons used to cost $16 max but I figured vaping was worth the extra

    • Jhaz81

      Also, the express kit for $38 (the one I bought) only comes with the vv/vw
      battery, USB cable and manual. The full kit is available at a couple online
      vendors for around $50 and includes the battery, USB cable, manuel, wall
      charger and 5 CE4 or CE5 clearomizers. Love any JC juice mixed with
      domestic vaped at 7-8watts! A little warmer but, AMAZING flavor and CLOUDS
      of vapor!

    • Andy Wright

      i ordered the Kanger T4s from Smokenjoey earlier, Thanks!

    • David Fluker

      Thanks, I’ll add an annotation on that one to the video. I vape both juices
      right around 7.0 occasionally bumping up to 8.0.

    • David Fluker

      Sounds great. You will love them on a Vea

    • David Fluker

      I annotated each package in the video so people will know what is included.
      Thanks for the heads up, I hope it helps. I had Vanda on 8 Watts today,
      juices can be fickle and the voltage/wattage they like today can be
      different tomorrow. Vape On!

    • David Fluker

      The VV V3 seems to be a great value. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Jhaz81

      The VV V3 voltage range is 3.3-5.0 in .1v increments and is ALSO variable
      wattage from 6.0-11.0 watts in .5watt increments! I love this thing!!