Why China went to war against the game of golf

Why China went to war against the game of golf
The officials were there for the same reason I was: to talk with villagers living in makeshift shacks built atop the remains of their original homes, which had been torn down to make room for a luxury golf resort some two years earlier. Even though new …
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New Survey Shows US Youth Smoking Rates Fell to Record Low in 2013
The 10 states with the lowest youth smoking rates in this survey have an average state cigarette tax of $ 2.18 per pack, and 7 of the 10 have smoke-free laws that include restaurants and bars. In contrast, the 10 states with the … look and are smoked …
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An open letter to this year's graduates
Recognize the power of money, for good or ill. Money can build confidence or it can destroy those overcome by … It granted the freedom to start my own company in a brand new career field, that of financial planning. It powered the freedom to be an …
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